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Features - Sony RM-VL610 Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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The RM-VL610 Remote Commander provides centralized control of all
your AV components from a single remote commander and saves the
trouble of operating different AV components with different remote
control devices. The following are its main features.
Centralized control of Sony AV components with this one remote
This Commander is preset at the factory to operate Sony brand
components, so you can use it out of the box as a control center for your
Sony AV components.
Remote control signals for non-Sony components are also preset
This Commander is preset for most major brands components as well as
Sony. You can remote control your non-Sony components by setting the
type and code number of each component (page 10).
Learning function for programming various other remote control
This Commander has a Learning function, to "learn" the remote control
signals needed to operate other non-preset components or functions. (To
"teach" such signals to this Commander, use the remote control supplied
with the non-preset components.) (page 16)
In addition, the Commander can "learn" remote control signals (infrared
signals only) of non-Audio Visual components such as air-conditioners,
lights, etc. (Some specific appliances or functions may not be available.)
(page 24)
Reassigning new components
You can assign Component Select buttons to freely operate other
components. This is useful when you have more than two of the same
kind of AV component (only if a Component Select button is free.) (page
You can only assign TVs to the TV Component Select button.
You can only assign an amplifier or DVD/Receiver combo to the AMP
Component Select button.

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