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Additional Information; Replacing The Lamp - Sony KF-E50A10 Operating Instructions Manual

Lcd projection tv.
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Additional Information

Replacing the lamp

The projection lamp, which illuminates the picture,
has a limited life.
If the screen becomes dark, the color looks unusual, or
the LAMP indicator on the front of the LCD
projection TV flashes, it is time to replace the lamp
with a new one (not supplied).
This television uses a replaceable lamp as its light
source. Over time, the screen will gradually grow
darker as the lamp ages. Although rare, the lamp may
make a small pop and will no longer light up. The
lamp should be replaced after about 8,000 hours,
which is the standard amount of time it takes for the
lamp brightness to be reduced by half. Because the
actual lamp life will vary depending on the operating
conditions and environment, 8,000 hours is an
estimate, not a guarantee.
Electric appliances can cause fire or high temperature,
resulting in injury or death. Be sure to follow the instructions
• Use a Sony XL-2400 replacement lamp (not supplied) for
replacement. Use of any other lamp may damage the LCD
projection TV.
• Do not remove the lamp for any purpose other than
replacement. Doing so may cause injury or fire.
• Do not put flammable materials and metal objects inside
the lamp receptacle of the TV after removing the lamp.
Doing so may cause fire or electrical shock. Do not touch
the lamp receptable once the lamp has been removed.
• When the lamp eventually burns out, you may hear a
noticeable pop sound. This is normal and it is inherent to
this type of lamp.
• In rare instances, the bulb may pop inside the lamp unit,
but the lamp unit is designed to contain all of the broken
glass pieces inside the lamp unit.
Disposing of the lamp
This product contains mercury. For disposal or
recycling information, please contact your local
Handling of the lamp
• Do not leave the used lamp near flammable
materials or within the reach of children.
• Do not pour water onto the used lamp or put any
object inside the lamp. Doing so may cause the
lamp to burst.
Turn off the power on the main unit. Wait
several minutes, then unplug the power
(The cooling fan will continue to blow for
about two minutes after turning the power
Wait at least 30 minutes after unplugging
the power cord to allow the lamp to cool
down before replacing it. To avoid being
burned, do not touch the lamp receptable
once the lamp has been removed.
Take the new lamp out of the box.
Do not touch the glass portion of the new
• Do not shake the lamp. Vibration can damage the
lamp or shorten its life.
• Avoid touching the front glass of a new lamp or the
glass of the lamp receptacle. This may reduce picture
quality or lamp life.
Remove the outside lamp cover.
Remove the lamp door.
Turn the knob counterclockwise to OPEN and pull
out the cover.
Lamp door


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