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Sony KFO50WE610 Operating Instructions Manual

Lcd projection television hd-monitor.
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LCD Projection TV
@ 2003 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Sony KFO50WE610

  • Page 1 S ONY, LCD Projection TV HD-Monitor Operating Instructions KFo42WE610 KFo50WE610 KFo60WE610 @ 2003 Sony Corporation N IZ) Digital Reality Creation 4-097-546-11 MEMORY 5TICK...
  • Page 3 The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the LCD Projection TV, below the Sony logo, on the sticker, and also on the TV box (white label). Record these numbers in the spaces provided below.
  • Page 4 1) Readthese instructions. 2) Keep these instructions. 3) Heed all warnings. 4) Following all instructions. 5) Do not use this apparatus near water. 6) Clean only with dry cloth. 7) Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 5 Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords or convenience receptacles beyond their capacity, since this can result in fire or electric shock. Always turn the set off when it is not being used. When the set is left unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet as a precaution against the possibility of an internal malfunction that could create a...
  • Page 6 Never block the slots and openings by placing the set on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. Never place the set in a confined space, such as a bookcase or built-in cabinet, unless proper ventilation is provided. Do not place the set near or over a radiator or heat register, or where it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Page 7: Replacing The Lamp

    Donot a ttempt toservice the set byyourself since o pening the cabinet may expose you to dangerous voltage orother hazards. servicing toqualified service personnel. When r eplacement parts a re required, technician certifies inwriting t hat hehas used replacement parts s pecified bythe manufacturer the same characteristics as the original parts.
  • Page 8 _i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_ ()O J? Presenting the Sony LCD Projection TV ... 9 Using This Manual ... Enjoying Your LCD Projection TV ... 11 Replacing the Lamp ... fi:!: : ::i Contents ... Inserting Batteries into the Remote Control ... 17 Carrying Your LCD Projection TV ... 18 To Prevent the LCD Projection TV rom Falling Down ...
  • Page 9: Contents

    This manual Features Some of the features that you will enjoy with your new LCD projection TV include: * High-bandwidth C,_II;I_ i_:_Y_i:_j_!ii_iiii_:_U,il;_i,':_ the Sony LCD Projection is for models KF-42WE610, HD-Monitor: Enables to display the 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i digital TV format signals.
  • Page 10 We recommend that you carefully review the contents of the following three sections in the order shown to ensure that you fully understand the operation of your new LCD projection TV. Instructions in this manual are written for the remote control. Similar controls are also found on the LCD projection TV console.
  • Page 11 (1 minute or less). When the projection lamp wears out, the screen image becomes dark. Replace the lamp with a new Sony XL-2100U replacement lamp (not supplied). Be sure to attach the lamp cover securely; otherwise, your LCD projection TV will not turn on.
  • Page 12 Notes on the LCD Projection Use of the Cleaning To remove dust from the front of the screen, wipe with the supplied Cleaning Cloth. Cloth _}_%_ ¸_ _:}iC_eS Be sure not to allow sunlight or light from a lamp to shine directly onto the screen.
  • Page 13 Electric appliances can cause fire or high temperature, resulting in injury or death. Be sure to follow the instructions below. Use a Sony XL-2100U replacement lamp (not supplied) for replacement. Failure to do so may damage the LCD projection TV.
  • Page 14 Turn off the power switch on the LCD projection TV and after several minutes, unplug the power cord. (The cooling fan will continue to blow for about two minutes after turning the power off.) Do not touch the front glass of a new lamp or the glass of the lamp receptacle.
  • Page 15 Loosen the two screws that secure the lamp, then pull out the lamp. The lamp is very hot immediately after use. Never touch the front glass of the lamp or the surrounding parts. Loosen the two screws with the hex key supplied with the lamp.
  • Page 16 Mount the front panel. Mount the rear side panel and tighten 4% Consult your Sony dealer for a Sony XL-2100U replacement lamp. 4% Takegreat care when replacing the lamp or plugging in/unplugging the connecting cords. If you handle them roughly, the LCD projection TV may fall or be moved, and the TV stand or floor surfaces may be scratched.
  • Page 17 The box contains your new LCD projection TV, a remote control and two AA batteries. No peripheral cables are included. If you intend to add additional equipment to your LCD projection TV, please check the hookup instructions for your desired setup before you begin. You may need to purchase cables and/or splitters to complete the hookup properly.
  • Page 18 Carrying the LCD projection TV requires at least two people. Do not grasp the pedestal or the front panel of the LCD projection TV, otherwise these parts might break off. When moving the LCD projection TV, support the hole on the lower portion with one hand while grasping the top part with the other hand, as shown in the illustration below.
  • Page 19 Pay special attention to children around the LCD projection TV. If children should climb onto or push the LCD projection TV or its stand, it may fall down. As a protective measure, secure the LCD projection TV as follows. You can also use the LCD projection TV stand SU-GWl (for KF-50/ 60WE610, not supplied), SU-GW2 (for KF-42WE610, not supplied) with support belts.
  • Page 20 _:_;!_O0,_,'_,_i!,i,,'_,_i!_!ii!_i,,,:i_[J_!;!_[:i_ ':i_%_,iiiS_i,%j _fliiii_s,_@,_i!iiii: The picture quality may be affected by your viewing position. For the best picture quality, install your LCD projection TV within the areas shown below. Sit at least 1.8 m (approx. for KF-50WE610 your LCD projection 130 ° of the horizontal Horizontal Viewing Area...
  • Page 21 LCD Projection Front and Rear Side Connectors To open AOPEN Push up. ':i: ;i MEMORY STICK Memory Stick insertion and Removing MEMORY STICK When lit, indicates ACCESS (Do not remove lit.) slot. For details, see "Inserting a Memory Stick" on page 57. that the Memory Stick is being read.
  • Page 22 Front left side of LCD projection TV...
  • Page 23 (VAR/FIX) video component. L (MONO)/R CONTROL S To control other Sony equipment with the LCE) projection IN/OUT TV's remote control, connect the CONTROL S IN jack of the equipment to the CONTROL S OUT jack on the LCE) projection TV with the CONTROL S cable.
  • Page 24 Video - Yellow Audio (Left) - White Audio (Right) - Red Some DVD Players are equipped with the following three video connectors: CONTROL S connections are exclusive to Sony products and allow greater control of all Sony equipment. --z_2_=_ Push into connection.
  • Page 25 Connecting Directly The connection you choose depends on the cable found in your home. Newer to Cable or an homes are equipped with standard coaxial cable (see _); Antenna probably have 300-ohm twin lead cable (see _); both (see _). _IiI::!i)i!i,= _lil::::iJlil:: C;III;i:...
  • Page 26 Cable and Antenna If your cable provider does not feature local channels, you may find this set up convenient. Select CABLE or antenna (ANT) mode by pressing ANT on the remote control. 4% To receive channels with an antenna, you need to turn your Cableto Off Cable Box Connections This is the preferred basic cable TV hookup to use if:...
  • Page 27 Using a coaxial cable, connect the cable box's OUT jack to the LCD projection TV's AUX jack. Cable box 75-ohm coaxial cable (not supplied) CATV cable (unscrambled channels) 4% Pressing ANT on the remote control switches between the channels coming in through the cable box (scrambled) and those coming directly to the TV (unscrambled).
  • Page 28 TV's VHF/UHF jack. Cable Cable box Your Sony remote control can be programmed to operateyour cable box (see "Programming the Remote Control" on page 86). To change channels using the cable box, set your LCD projection TV to channel 3 or 4 depending on the cable box channel output. If you will be...
  • Page 29 _i:iii;_ :!¸0 _i_? _i'_? _!iii:_ C _'_i_":i_ {ilJ _!:i_ Use this hookup if: Disoo_c_ Rear of LCD projection TV _-:_': VIDEO (yellow) ... °'_--- AU DIO-L (white) ... AUDIO-R (red) You have cable TV that does not require a cable box. [)ow@_ _ so_c_s Connect the cable TV cable to the VCR's IN jack.
  • Page 30 You want to enjoy the Twin View feature. Use the LCD projection TV remote control to change channels on your cable box when the signal is scrambled. To program your Sony remote control to operate your cable box, see "Programming the Remote Control"...
  • Page 31 AUDIO-R (red),,,,,,_ AUDIO-L (white) ,,,,,,,_,.'/_ VIDEO (yellow),,,,,,,,,_v V0-810S/820S (not supplied) VIDEO (yellow) """2_ AUDIO-R (red) AUDIO-L (white)iiiii_..Rear of LCD projection AUDIOR AUDIOL VIDEO SVIDEO ,¢ ViDO :2:: ) ... ;? :1 , ;,/' i , ... CONVERTER VHFAJHF If your VCR is not equipped with S VIDEO,use a VIDEOcable (yellow) instead of the S VIDEOcable.
  • Page 32 If you connect two VCRs, you can record from one VCR to the other while using your LCD projection TV to monitor what is being recorded. VCR (playback) Using AUDIO and VIDEO cables, connect and Video OUT jacks to the recording jacks.
  • Page 33 Disooi_c_ !::)ow_ Connect the satellite antenna cable to the satellite receiver's SATELLITE IN jack. Using AUDIO and S VIDEO cables, connect the satellite receiver's AUDIO and S VIDEO OUT jacks to the LCD projection TV's AUDIO and S VIDEO IN jacks. Connect a coaxial cable from your cable or antenna to the LCD projection TV's VHF/UHF jack.
  • Page 34 _ea, .,,CD projection SVI[ AUDIO-R ,,,,,,,, S VIDEO <w.;,o> VC 810S 820S (n_,_ supplied) Connect the satellite antenna cable to the satellite receiver's SATELLITE IN jack. Connect the CATV cable to the VCR's VHF/UHF IN jack. Using a coaxial cable, connect the VCR's OUT jack to the LCD projection TV's VHF/UHF jack.
  • Page 35 4% Be sure your VCR'svideo input is set correctly. Consult your VCR's operating manual for instructions. 4% Use TV/VlDEOto select - VIDEO1 to watch satellite TVor the VCR (your VCR must be turned on). - VHF/UHFto watch cable TV. 4% If your VCR or satellite receiver is not equipped with S VIDEO,use a VIDEOcable (yellow) instead of the S VIDEOcable.
  • Page 36 ;03; @_1_ : ] !_1@ 1_@_ ;@ i _ : 7 1;03; @ ] 03 Using audio cables, connect the LCD projection TV's AUDIO OUT (VAR/ FIX) jacks to the audio receiver's audio LINE IN jacks. Rear of LCD projection !_i_ ...
  • Page 37 This is the preferred hookup to use if: Your DVD player has component (Y, B-Y, R-Y) jacks. Using three separate component Y, B-Y and R-Y jacks to the Y, PB and PRjacks TV. Use the HD/DVD IN 5 or 6 connections. _:_ The Y, B-Y and R-Yjacks on your DVD player are sometimes labeled Y, CBand CR,or Y, PBand PR,If SO,connect the cables to like colors, Using an audio cable, connect the DVD player's Audio OUT jacks to...
  • Page 38 Use this hookup if: 4% If your DVD player has video component output connectors: for best DVD player AUDIO R AUDIO L VIDEO ©J LINE OUT ,,,,.,.c31o,032o,c33o,no, 4% Totake advantageof the Wide Screen modes, set the TV's aspect ratio to 4% Use TV/VlDEOon the remote control to switch between the VCR, DVD 4% If your VCR is not equipped with S VIDEO,use a VIDEOcable (yellow) Your DVD player does not have component (Y, PB, PR) jacks.
  • Page 39 Be sure to read the Set-top box manual. Using three separatecomponent video cables, connect the Digital TV Set-top box's Y, PBand PRjacks to the £CD projection TV. 4% The Y, PBand PRjacks do not provide audio, so audio cables must 4% Component video connection is necessary to view 480i, 480p, 720p, Using an audio cable, connect the Digital TV Set-top box's Audio OUT jacks to the LCD projection TV's AUDIO IN jacks.
  • Page 40 Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. DVI-D single link cable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,[ Digital TV Set-top RK-C310/0320/0330 (not supplied) Be sure to read the Set-top box manual. Using a DVI-D single link cable, connect the Digital TV Set-top box's DVI-HDTV connector to the LCD projection TV. 4% The DVI-HDTVVIDEOconnector does not provide audio, so audio cables must be connected to provide sound, Using an audio cable, connect the Digital TV Set-top box's Audio OUT...
  • Page 41 For easy connection of the camcorder, the LCD projection TV has front Audio and Video inputs (shown below). However, if you prefer, you can also connect the camcorder to the LCD projection TV's rear Audio and Video IN jacks. Using AUDIO S VIDEO jacks.
  • Page 42 CONTROL S allows you to control your LCD projection TV system and other Sony equipment with one remote control. In addition to allowing you to control multiple devices with one remote control, the CONTROL S feature allows you to always point your remote control at your LCD projection TV, instead of having to point it at the other equipment, which might be hidden or out of direct line of sight.
  • Page 43 After you finish connecting your LCD projection TV, you can run Auto Setup to set up your channels. The Auto Setup screen appears when you turn your LCD projection TV on for the first time after installing it. If you do not want to set up the channels at this time, you can do it later by using the Auto Program feature in the Channel menu (see page 76).
  • Page 44: Using Favorite Channels

    The following table describes the buttons on the remote control that are for more advanced functions. Button Descriptions [] VCR/DVD Press to turn on and off the VCR or DVD player. i;res restore the sound. WIDE MODE Press to step through the wide screen modes: Wide Zoom, Normal, Full and Zoom.
  • Page 45 ;i!i;iiiiiiiiiii]ii;i;,iiiii;i; ;:i CODE SET Use for programming Sony video equipment. For details, see "Programming Remote Control" on page 86. [] REBE ... i;r s defaults. POWER Turn on and off the LCD projection TV and other audio/ buttons...
  • Page 46: Using The Freeze Function

    S!%e ?"%Y Many TV features can be accessed directly through the remote control. The following will explain the function of some of the buttons found on your remote control. Buttons for LCD Press to have the remote control operate the TV. The indicator lights up Projection momentarily when pressed to show which equipment the remote control is Operations...
  • Page 47 Press repeatedly until the LCD projection TV displays the approximate time in minutes (15, 30, 45, 60, or 90) that you want the LCD projection TV to remain on before shutting off automatically. Cancel by pressing Press to display the channel number, current time and channel label (if set). To turn the display off, press DISPLAY again.
  • Page 48 When you have connected programs. 480p and 480i digital TV formats. the DTV receiver, This LCD projection TV is capable Connect the DTV receiver to DVI-HDTV the LCD projection TV (for details, see page 39). Press TV/VIDEO to select DVI-HDTV Select a digital channel on the DTV receiver.
  • Page 49 The Favorite Channel feature lets you select programs from a list of favorite channels that you preset. _j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_j_ Creating a List of Favorite Channels Displaying a List of Favorite Channels !ii'!_ I TO assign Channel Labels (e.g., ABC, HBO, MTV, etc.)to channel Press MENU to display the Menu.
  • Page 50 Us i%_ilj7"i_'iJ'J_i',:_ %%:_'iiJ '¸ ¸¸_¸¸¸ _'_¸'¸'_ Twin View enables you to watch two programs at the same time. You can also change the size of both the left and right pictures. Activating Twin Pictures Activating Although two pictures appear on the screen at the same time, only one Picture picture is active.
  • Page 51 Hookupsthat affect your ability to use Twin View: - If you are viewing all channels through the cable box, the Twin View feature will not work. The cable box only unscrambles one signal at a time, so the right picture will be the same as the left picture.
  • Page 52 Changing The zoom feature lets you change the size of the left and right pictures. Picture Size Press _, to activate the left picture (if not already activated). Press 4' to enlarge picture and ,!_to reduce the picture. When you adjust the twin screen sizes,the LCDprojection TV memorizes the change.
  • Page 53 The FREEZE button allows you to temporarily capture a program's picture. You can use this feature to write down information such as phone numbers, recipes, etc. When the program information you want to capture is displayed, press FREEZE. The LCD projection TV switches to Twin View mode and displays the "frozen"...
  • Page 54 Wide Screen Mode lets you watch 4:3 normal broadcasts in several Wide Screen Modes (16:9 aspect ratio). Press WIDE MODE repeatedly Mode settings. YOUcan also access the Screen Mode settings in the Screen menu. For details, see page 74. Wide Zoom enlarges fill the 16:9 screen, keeping image as much as possible.
  • Page 55 Stick, Memory Stick PRO Media" on page 90. "Memory Stick","Memory Stick PRO","Memory Stick Duo" and ... are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. Image files compressed in the JPEG format (DCF compliant) (with an extension, .jpg) MPEG 1 files, MPEG MOVIE, MPEG MOVIE AD, MPEG MOVIE EX, MPEG MOVIE HQ, MPEG MOVIE HQX, MPEG MOVIE CV, VAIO Giga Pocket MPEG1.
  • Page 56 About Directory Most Sony brand digital still and video cameras automatically record still File Names images using DCF compliant directory and file names, or record movies using the directory and file names as shown in the following examples: Still image files...
  • Page 57 To remove a Memory Stick Locate the Memory Stick slot (see page 21) and insert the Memory Stick into the Memory Stick slot as illustrated below. When inserted properly, it should slide in with little resistance and click into place. Be sure to insert the Memory Stick in the correct direction.
  • Page 58 Turn on the your LCD projection TV and insert a Memory Stick that contains the photo or movie files you want to view. For details on inserting a Memory Stick, see "To insert a Memory Stick" on page 57. The Memory Stick Home appears, which displays thumbnails of still image and movie files stored on the Memory Stick.
  • Page 59 HighlightedthumbnaU Memory Stick ,..---. menus Digi. Cam. Mode ,-.-. (Digital Camera Mode) indication Thumbnails of still images and movies Move :BBIB Informationon the highlightedimage or movie (Movie) Indicates the thumbnail is a movie (MPEG 1) file. (Protect) Indicates the thumbnail is protected. Protected files cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Page 60 Select the thumbnails Move the highlight to an image or movie thumbnail Display the previous or next page of thumbnails Display the Index menu of the highlighted image or movie file "Using the Index Menu" on page 60. to access additional options Move the highlight to the Memory Stick Home menus to access additional options...
  • Page 61 Memory Stick Home Full Screen (Still Displays the highlighted image index menu see "Viewing only) Movie Player (Movie Display the Movie index menu only) Movies" on page 63. Slide Show Starts the slide show from the highlighted Protect Allows you to protect changes.
  • Page 62 When you select Full Screen from the Still image index menu and press Q!_, on the Memory Stick Access additional options Exit Memory Stick Viewer it displays as shown below. previous file. Press @. Options" on page 62. Press MEMORY STICK __ control.
  • Page 63 Return Displays the Memory Stick Home. infSrmaiSn On orOff. Protect Allows you to protect this file from any changes. Selecting Off unlocks the protect. Rotate Allows you to rotate a still image in 90 degree increments clockwise or counterclockwise. the Memory Stick is locked), it cannot be rotated. Select '_ (clockwise) or ("...
  • Page 64 Display the next file on the Memory Stick Stop playback. screen Display the Movie setup menu to access additional options Displays Home. Movie Setup Menu Options Press "_ during movie stop mode. During playback or pause mode the control changes to (Fast-forward).
  • Page 65 Od::; Information Audio Select Protect Delete The Memory Stick Home lets you select the Slide Show, Options and Select Folder menus that include additional options for each menu. Sfide Show Menu The Slide Options Start Advance intervai ... Close ¸ ii!:J o_ ? _iiii_ _!i;...
  • Page 66 Displays only JPEG and MPEG1 files defined by the DCF rules and JPEG and MPEG 1 files recorded on a Sony digital still camera or digital video camera. Displays all folders within the directories. JPEG and MPEG 1 files in those directories are recognized even if they do not conform to the DCF file naming rules.
  • Page 67 Using Select Folder Allows you to select different folders to view in the Memory Stick Viewer Menu when you set Digi. Cam. Mode to Off. Current folder Memory St_ckHo, Move : [_][_]_] Ba( _:1_ Sel_t :_ To upper stage First image or movie file in the current folder Select Off in Digi.
  • Page 68 il_i;i_, @¢_(i:ii! (}8i_{_) ii_ili{_)_ii_{;i S{_)_ii_8;iiC_,_i_ _!i!X1i_;;il /;ii'XI)V_{:;)/iO _i;!_i]iOi:i'li{_)_i '¸ The menu gives you access to the following features: _'_' Press MENU to display the menu screen. Press _, or * to highlight the desired menu icon and press @ Use the arrow button to scroll through the features. See the specific menu page for instructions on moving through the menu.
  • Page 69 ]o s: ;;: ,::tti,: +]: iii: ii:ii( Selecting Video The Video menu includes the following options. Options i ¢; :1 Mode Customized picture viewing #i&ure ..Brightness Color giar ness _id;:o Press MENU. Press _, or * to highlight Video icon _ and press (i).
  • Page 70 ii!!iiii;;,iii:i:ii:;:ii:i Color Temp White intensity adjustment Noise Reduction Mild Mode Advanced Video ii!!iiii;,iiiii:iiii::i:ili!i;ii;;: i ii;iii Choose from three color temperatures: Cool Select to give the white colors a blue tint. Neutrai ... Warm... Select to reduce the noise level of connected equipment. It is also effective on the signal from the VHF/UHF jack.
  • Page 71 Advanced Palette Video Allows you to customize the level of detail (Continued) (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity) for up to three input sources. For example, you can create one Custom setting to optimize your cable input's picture, and create another to optimize your DVD player's picture.
  • Page 72 ]o s: ::: _::t The Audio menu includes the following options: _ieiie ... Bass Balance Steady Sound Effect Ufg... Enjoy stereo, bilingualand mono programs Press MENU. Press _, or * to highlight Audio icon _ and press (ZD. Use the arrow button to scroll through the options.
  • Page 73 Oiic_ ;il}_' o __ i_) _ !i!!_ s c_i_ _i!il;i+ ¸ _/0_! Speaker Select to turn on the LCD projection TV speakers. Select to turn off the LCD projection TV speakers and listen to the LCD projection TV's sound only through your external audio system speakers.
  • Page 74 The Screen menu includes Wide Mode Select a Screen Mode to use )rbr 4.'3 sources. Press MENU. Press _, or * to highlight Screen icon _ and press (:H!). Use the arrow button to scroll through the features. Press (S!) to select a feature.
  • Page 75 4:3 Default Wide Zoom Select the dejault Screen Mode to usejbr 4.'3 Normal sources, Full Zoom !ii_!_ The 4:3 Default functions only when the LCD projection TV receives 480i and 480p signals. If 4:3 Default is set to anything but Off, the Wide Mode setting changes only for the current channel.
  • Page 76 Selecting Channel The Channel menu includes the following options: Options Favorite Channels Cable Channel Usefid when you have a cable box or satellite receiver connected Auto Program Press MENU. Press _, or ,I, to highlight Channel icon @ and press (E!D.
  • Page 77 Oii0_ ¸_ h:::_ Channel Removes and adds viewable channels. Skip/Add Use the arrow button to scroll through the channels until you find the channel you want to skip/add. Press @ Press t or !r,to toggle between "Add" and "Skip." Press @ Channels that you set to be skipped can be accessed only with the 0-9 buttons.
  • Page 78 The Parent Menu allows you to set up the TV to block programs according to their content and rating levels. The Parent Menu includes the following options: Parental Lock Turn select a rating system Press MENU. Press _. or * to highlight the Parent icon _'_ and press G!C).
  • Page 79 Change Password Select i© Viewing Blocked You can view a blocked program by entering the password. Programs If you are not familiar with the Parental Guideline rating system, you should select Child, Youth, or Young Adult to help simplify the rating selection. To set more restrictive ratings, select Custom.
  • Page 80 Selecting Custom If you selected U.S.A. as the country of residence on page 79, the Custom Rating Options Rating Menu includes the following options. (If you selected Canada, see page 81.) ;) )i Movie Rating TV Rating Block programs by their rating, content or both Onrated Block programs...
  • Page 81 If you selected Canada as the country of residence on page 79, the Custom Rating Menu includes the following options. (If you selected U.S.A., see page 80.) English Rating All children. Children 8 years and older. General programming. Parental Guidance. Viewers 14 and older.
  • Page 82 ]o s: ::: :::tti_: :_ :_!::) The Setup menu includes Caption Vision Press MENU. Press _, or * to highlight Setup icon _ and press CE3. Use the arrow button to scroll through the features. Press _ to select a feature. That feature's options appear.
  • Page 83 Video Label Allows you to label the audio/video components you connected to the LCD projection TV so you can identify them when using TV/VI DEO. When in the Setup menu's Video Label feature, press t or ,I, to highlight an input to label, then press @ select it.
  • Page 84 Oi 9,_)i:_i::i_ Clock/Timers _ii) _i!_ _!;: _:::i: ¸¸ _@i:i_ iii_O i_ Lets you set the clock on your TV and allows you to program your TV for scheduled viewing using the Timers. Sleep Timer 1 Timer 2 Timer 1 and Timer 2 are not available to be set until you set the Current Time.
  • Page 85 );:; i :) Image Shift Corrects the Image on your LCD projection TV. Before adjusting After adjusting Auto: (Factory setting) Automatically corrects double images. Level 1-4 (manual): Select the value with which double images are improved. High Altitude Set to use the unit at an altitude of 1,500 m (4921 ft.) or higher.
  • Page 86 If you enter a new code number, the code number you previously entered at that setting is erased. In some rare cases, you may not be able to operate your component with the Sony remote control. In this case, use the component's own remote control unit.
  • Page 87 V_ {; ii;71 :!!!ill i_ii_iii_,_71i _7 ? W J;ii!!_iii_ 0 _,i!,_ _i_' ,iii,? _i_" _ii;i! 0 _{,J (ii!_ Sony Admiral (M. Ward) Aiwa 338, 344 Audio Dynamic 314, 337 Broksonic 319, 317 Canon 309, 308 Citizen Craig 302, 332 Criterion...
  • Page 88 Press FUNCTION VCR/DVD. Turn on/off Change channels Record Play Stop Fast forward Rewind the tape Pause Search the picture forward or backward Press FUNCTION VCR/DVD. Turn on/off Play Stop Pause Step through an audio disc Step through different chapters of a video disc SAT/CABLE (POWER) CH +/- and •...
  • Page 89 Press FUNCTION SAT/CABLE. Turn on/off SAT/CABLE (POWER) Select Cable Box SAT/CABLE Select a channel 0-9 buttons, ENTER Change channels CH +/- Back to previous channel JUMP Press FUNCTION SAT/CABLE. SAT/CABLE (POWER) Turn on/off SAT/CABLE (FUNCTION) Select Satellite Receiver Select a channel 0-9 buttons, ENTER Change channels CH +l-...
  • Page 90 Memory Stick, When using Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO media, follow these precautions: Memory Stick PRO Precautions To avoid permanent damage to still image data, do not turn off the TV or remove Memory Stick media from the insertion slot while data is being read (as indicated by the Memory Stick indicator light being on).
  • Page 91 ,_f_'_,,_,o_!i:_i_ ,o_i_":_ _ ,U_i_i?:_ilJ l_ii_!:i_,_'_'_i_o,_3! Memory Stick Duo is a new, compact version of the standard-sized Memory Stick recording medium. You can use a Memory Stick Duo on your LCD projection TV by inserting a Memory Stick Duo into an adapter before inserting it into the TV.
  • Page 92 If, after reading these operating instructions, you have additional questions related to the use of your Sony television, please call our Customer Information Services Center at 1-800-222-SONY residents only) or (416) 499-SONY (7669) (Canadian residents only). Twin View _" 7iii i iii i__'i i '_iii_i i iii'"...
  • Page 93 There may be more than one code for the equipment that you are attempting to operate. There is a possibility that some non-Sony equipment cannot be operated by your Sony TV remote.You may need to use the equipment's original remote control.
  • Page 94 78.). If your LCD projection TV's power is on, and LAMP (red) indication flashing, the lamp for the light source burns out. Replace it with new Sony XL-2100U replacement lamp (see page 13). Try another channel; it could be station trouble.
  • Page 95 _;)J'O_!)__il ¸)_{_?i_ _;)(i) _ i_: _i_: J_{) i ' _ ii?Ji:::,_! Dark, poor or no picture (screen lit), good sound No color Only snow and noise appear on the screen Dotted lines or stripes Double images "Black box" on screen Black bands appear at the top and bottom of the screen Certain programs on DVD or...
  • Page 96 Audio _:;:V O@_iii_i_'_? _:;_:;_ _;: _ ;: J _/;_ i'_ii? _:::_!'_!i!_ Good picture, no sound Audio noise Cannot gain enough volume when using a cable box Sound seems weak or insufficient Cannot raise the volume on external speakers Channels Cannot receive upper channels (UHF) when using an antenna TV is fixed to one channel Cannot receive any channels...
  • Page 97 _::) J'Y) _ !:) _ ()_i_'_? _:::_(i) _i_: _!_ si:_i!:) How to restore Video settings to factory settings How to restore Audio settings to factory settings Cannot cycle through the other video equipment connected the TV Cannot operate Menu Lost password LED on the display unit is lit LCD projection...
  • Page 98 The POWER/STANDBY conditions of the LCD projection TV and warnings by lighting or flashing, as follows. If the LCD projection TV is not recovered after correcting the problems, contact with qualified Sony personnel. KF-42WE610 _,,_ POWER/STANDBY TIMER LAMP (red) and/or LAMP (red) indicators indicate the The lamp for the light source is ready to turn on.
  • Page 99 Projection System LCD Panel Projection Lens Antenna Lamp Television System Screen Size (measured diagonally) Channel Coverage CATV Power Requirements Number of Inputs/Outputs DVI-HDTV Video (IN) S Video (IN) Audio (IN) AUDIO (VAR/FIX) CONTROL S (IN/OUT) Component Video Input RF Inputs Converter Speaker Output...
  • Page 100 Supplied Accessories Remote Control AA Batteries Cleaning Cloth Optional Accessories TV Stand Lamp AV Cable Control S Cable Component Video Cable AV Receiver Memory Stick media Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. RM-Y913 2 supplied for remote control SU-GW 1 (for KF-50/60WE610), SU-GW2 (for KF-42WE610) XL-2100U...
  • Page 101 Activating a Twin View screen 50 Adding channels to the channel list 76 Adjusting audio, Steady Sound 72 ANT button 45 Antenna, connecting 25 Audio menu 68, 72 Audio receiver, connecting 36 Audio/Video cable 24 Auto Program (channel setup) 43, 76 Auto Setup 43, 76 Balance, adjusting 72 Bass, adjusting 72...
  • Page 102: Playing Movies

    Image Shift 85 Inputs, labeling TV 25-42 Installation of the projection JUMP button Jump, using 46 Label Channels 77 video inputs 83 Lamp, replacing 13-16 Memory Stick Advance 65 Audio Select 65 Close 61, 65 Delete 61, 63, 65 Digi. Cam. Mode 66 File 66 Full Screen 61 Home Menu 65...
  • Page 103 Steady Sound adjusting 72 Still Images 62 Surround sound 72 Timer set current 84 Timer menu 84 Timer setting 84 Treble, adjusting 72 Troubleshooting 92, 97 TV/VIDEO button 45 Twin View activating a picture 50 using 50 using with TV remote control 88 with cable box, connecting 30 with cable, connecting 29 with satellite receiver, connecting 34...
  • Page 104 IL after reading this instruction manual, you have additional questions related to the use of your Sony projection TV, please call one of the following numbers (English only). Customers in the continental United States contact the Direct Response Center at:...

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