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Bosch EDC17C46 Manual page 2

Ecu probe with mpps
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Manual for using EDC17C46 Bosch ECU probe with MPPS – Page 2.
2. Handling and Adjustment:
IMPORTANT - Make sure that the power switch (B) is in the "OFF" position.
The power switch must remain OFF so that the pins are not live, until the probe is correctly aligned and in
contact with the corresponding pins on the ECU. Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage
to the ECU!
Place the probe into the BDM frame retaining bracket and tighten the screws. Attach the adapter cable (G) to
the serial port (A) on the probe and plug the other end (F) into the OBD cable of your flash tool. Connect the
power supply to the probe jack (C), the LED's will now turn on to aid alignment, however the probe does not
power the ECU until the power switch (B) is turned on.
Adjust the ECU on the frame and move the retainer carefully towards the ECU. Ensure that all the pins are in
their designated position.
A diagram showing the location of the connections can be found on page 3.
It is very important, that the retainer is free from backlash and moves smoothly!
3. Reading password: (This step is only necessary for TP8+). Lift up the Boot DIP switches (D) as shown in
the adapter overview on page 1 and set the Ignition switch (E) to the "ON" position, you can now read the
4. Programming the ECU: Push the DIP switches (D) down and set the "Ignition" switch (E) to the "K-Line"
position, then you can proceed with programming over boot mode.
5. Disconnecting:
To safely disconnect the probe from the ECU, you must first remove TURN OFF THE
POWER Switch (B).
Once the power supply is disconnected it is safe to lift the frame and probe away from
the ECU.