Casio V-REGI Series Reference Manual

Store support system, standard package, sales management, stock system
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V-REGI series
Store support system
Standard package
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Stock System Reference Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Casio V-REGI Series

  • Page 1 V-REGI series Store support system Standard package Sales management Stock System Reference Manual V-R7000 V-R100...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction of Stock System ....................5 1.1. Outline of the system ........................5 1.2. System data configuration ......................6 1.3. System Operation ........................... 7 1.4. Caution for using System Operation ..................8 Setting stock system ......................10 2.1. About setting stock ........................
  • Page 3 The copyrights for this manual, as well as all rights related to the software noted in this manual are the property of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. The unauthorized reproduction of this manual in whole or part is prohibited without the...
  • Page 4 SECTION 1 Introduction of Stock System...
  • Page 5: Introduction Of Stock System

    Introduction of Stock System 1.1. Outline of the system V-REGI Stock System offer management of stock information at the store. Set the stock target items, how to work Stock setting with Z, etc. Enter and update current stock. Stock Enter Register items and calculate target stock.
  • Page 6: System Data Configuration

    1.2. System data configuration Stock settings: Stock settings set stock configuration. Set stock target items and stock control. Current stock value: Current working stock value plus/minus by enter stock and registration, write to stock detail and total. Backup stock detail: Inventory (or Z) operation backups stock detail to SD card and clear current stock value.
  • Page 7: System Operation

    1.3. System Operation Stock operation flow is as below. <Install> Set stock target items by stock setting. Set stock control setting. Enter current stocks by Stock enter menu. <When stock IN> Enter stock IN value by Stock enter menu. <Registration> Registration stock items decrease current stock values.
  • Page 8: Caution For Using System Operation

    1.4. Caution for using System Operation About target stock items: Specify stock target items by stock setting. Also set stock component, you can use more complicate stock control. Maximum number of stock target is 10,000 items. About stock attribute: Stock attribute can specify different attribute of a stock item. Stock attribute is also primary key for stock master.
  • Page 9 SECTION 2 Setting Stock System...
  • Page 10: Setting Stock System

    2. Setting stock system 2.1. About setting stock Before using stock system, please set stock related settings. All of stock settings are located at stock setting menu.
  • Page 11: Setting Control Setting

    2.2. Setting control setting Before using stock system, please set stock control setting. Stock control has some menu and select contents. NO. Menu Contents Preset as Enter lot# when stock is entered. Lot# will be logged to stock detail data. Enter Lot number for stock.
  • Page 12 Copy Z stock report to the SD card when the register Apps performs daily Z report. Copy stock to SD when Z. 0 or no definition: does not copy stock report to the SD card memory. 1: Copy stock report to the SD card memory The flag of printing sellable stocks on report, or not.
  • Page 13: Stock Setting

    2.3. Stock setting Stock setting sets the target items for stock system. Normally stock target item is come from item master. Menu Contents Explanation Stock code Set same as item code Set same as item code, calculate stock or not same as item when sales items.
  • Page 14 Stock unit qty. Qty value Stores value of unit qty. Using stock detail data, this value becomes "Denominator" of STOCKQTY. Example) Receive one head of chicken (whole) but sell by 5pcs, then unit qty becomes 5. Stock-in 1 name Character Pack stock IN unit qty.
  • Page 15 SECTION 3 Operation Stock System...
  • Page 16: Operation Stock System

    3. Operation stock system 3.1. Enter stock Entering stock enters current stock plus/minus values. As default menu is prepared Normal Stock IN/OUT, and Normal Stock Override. Select target stock item and touch Qty area, enter plus/minus value. After entered value, Current stock value will be changed. Pack and Case area will be shown for stock items which are presented Pack/Case value and name.
  • Page 17: Stock Report

    3.3. Stock report Stock report shows current stock, less than minimum stock and zero stock. Report target items are entered or registered items only. No changed after last inventory items are not shown. Current stock All of stock items which are entered or registered by specified inventory number.
  • Page 18: Z And Inventory Operation

    3.4. Z and Inventory operation Stock system need to operate inventory check or Z with stock, and copy stock detail data to SD card. If internal stock detail data will be over 10,000 items, stock report can not print correctly. Inventory or Z stock clears current stock data then it need to enter current stock again.
  • Page 19 SECTION 4 More Stock System...
  • Page 20: More Stock System

    4. More stock system 4.1. Stock component setting Stock component provides control of semi-product or materials. To use stock component, add stock items to stock component. For example, Cheeseburger item has one van, one hamburger and one cheese. Cheeseburger has stock component which has van, hamburger and cheese. One van Cheeseburger One hamburger...
  • Page 21 Stock component example) Management materials stock database samples. Item master (CIA001) Item code Item name 0000000000000101 Big Burger 0000000000000102 Cheeseburger Stock master (CZA001) Stock code Stock name Stock Stock in Stock in Stock unit qty package 1 package 2 component 0000000000000101 Big Burger 000001...
  • Page 22 Stock in/out detail (CZT002) Stock code Stock operation type Stock status Stock qty 0000000000001001 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) 0000000000010001 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) 0000000000010002 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) 0000000000010004 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) -0.01 0000000000001001 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) 0000000000010001 00 (Registration) 00 (Normal) 0000000000010002...
  • Page 23: Stock Enter Setting

    4.2. Stock Enter setting Stock enter setting provides variable stock entering menu. Menu Contents Explanation Stock enter name String Stock enter menu title Stock enter type Stock in/out detail 01: In/Out enter operation. (CZT002) 99: Inventory operation. Stock operation type Stock status Stock in/out detail 00: Normal stock for sales.
  • Page 24: Stock Attribute Table

    4.3. Stock Attribute table Stock attribute table provides a setting for stock master attribute. Stock system does not use stock attribute but other system can use attribute for original meanings as color, size, etc. Stock system need to be set “000000” if not using stock attribute.
  • Page 25: Stock Unit Qty

    4.4. Stock unit QTY Stock system can use unit QTY for in/out and sales QTY. Example) Fried chicken sales. Stock in as head and sale packs.  Sales qty and stock qty ration is 1:n or n:1. (For example, Chicken head has 5 packs) ...
  • Page 26 Sales detail for sales two Big Burgers. Stock in/out total (CZT001) Stock code Stock status Same as sum of 0000000000000103 00 (Normal) current stock QTY 0000000000010101 00 (Normal) -0.4 Stock in/out detail (CZT002) Stock code Stock operation type Stock status Stock qty 0000000000010101 00 (Registration)
  • Page 27: Stock Detail Data

    4.5. Stock Detail data Stock system has stock in/out detail. Stock detail will be saved on SD card when inventory or Z stock. Stock system has no stock detail analyze tools, but connect to customer system can use stock in/out detail data for analyze stock detail.
  • Page 28: Shared Stock System

    5. Shared Stock system 5.1. Outline Shared Stock is the system which can centralize “Stock in/out detail” and “Stock in/out total” data on Check Master terminal. Shared Stock Master is same terminal as Check Master and Stock Satellite terminal is same as Check Satellite. Settings can be made at Control Panel/Local Device Terminal Information menu as shown below.
  • Page 29 Target Operation for Shared Stock Share Target Operation PLU registration and update current stock (Fin timing) PLU with Stock check (Fin timing) Stock Inquiry. (Fin timing) Stock Report (Recommend Master Terminal operation) Not Share Operation Stock Setting. (Individual Terminal) Not Share Operation Inventory Operation.
  • Page 30 Shared Stock Chart MC No.1 MC No.2 Stock Master Stock Satellite Inline Every terminal has each setting Stock Setting Stock Setting data Stock Total Current Stock is MC No.1 Stock Total these MC No.2 Stock Total values Copy MC No.2 Stock Detail MC No.1 Stock Detail...
  • Page 31: Setting For Shared Stock

    5.2. Setting for Shared Stock Shared Stock inline setting is same as Check Tracking for Master and Satellite on Control Panel. There is no extra Shared Stock setting for inline. Once set Control Panes, please restart terminal to start Shared Stock Process force. About Stock setting for inline, please set same setting for all terminals.
  • Page 32: Operation For Shared Stock

    5.3. Operation for Shared Stock PLU register operation will automatically update current stock value on Stock Master. Also if “Stock check when registering” of General Feature is Yes, PLU register operation will check Stock Master current value and response. Stock Inquiry operation will get all of Stock data from Stock Master and display list of Current Stock value.
  • Page 33: In Case Of Error

    5.4. In case of Error PLU register operation will send stock information to Master. In case of communication error, the “not-yet-send-data” will be kept and will do automatic retry. Operator does not care communication error. “PLU with Stock Check” checks Check Master stock data and response whether the stock is zero or less, then communication retrying may slowdown PLU operation.

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