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79-Ii Directional Air Box Insert - Atwood 79 Series Service Manual

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79-II Directional Air Box Insert (PN 36959)
An air discharge diverter is now available for all 79 series furnaces. This insert has fins that are set at a 55
degree angle. This will allow you to direct the heat fore or aft in the camper easier.
Remove the front grill
of the furnace.
Follow the shutdown procedure instructions
affixed to the furnace.
Remove the sheet metal screw that holds
the circuit board plate to the air box. Retain
to fasten the Air Box Insert to the bottom of
the air box.
Install the Air Box Insert into the air box
paying particular attention to the direction
where you would like the warm air diverted.
Make sure the two holes in the Air Box
Insert line up with the existing holes in the
air box.
Fasten the Air Box Insert to the top of the
air box using a 1/4˝ long #6 sheet metal
screw. Fasten the bottom of the Air Box
Insert and the circuit board plate to the
bottom of the air box using the screw
removed in step 3.
Follow the lighting instructions to place the
furnace in operation.
Replace the front grill on the furnace.

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