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Mechanical Thermostat - Atwood 79 Series Service Manual

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• It is an ON/OFF switch controlled by a bi-metal coil which opens and closes an electrical contact by
sensing changes in the ambient temperature.
• With its contacts close, it supplies power to the time delay relay which in turn closes a contact that sends
power to the blower motor.
• Normally, the thermostat contacts are closed if the blower is running.
• The hydro flame thermostat is equipped with a heat anticipator which allows one to adjust the length of the
heating cycles. A furnace should cycle 5-6 times an hour.
a. The anticipator is set at 1.0 on all hydro flame thermostats. If you want to shorten the heating cycle,
move anticipator to a lower amp setting. You should not set lower than .48 which is the amperage rating
of the gas valve. Setting any lower could burn out the anticipator wire.
Note: Heat anticipator adjustments are not covered under warranty.
Temperature Setting Level
Mounting Hole
Off Switch (Optional)
Heat/cool thermostats are being used in conjunction with air conditioners and our furnace. The warranty,
installation instructions and diagnostic information is provided by the manufacturer of the thermostat. However,
if you need to isolate a furnace problem or a dual thermostat problem, by-pass the furnace wires at the
thermostat. If the furnace ignites and heats, you have a thermostat problem. If the furnace does not run, the
problem is in the furnace, and you should consult the trouble shooting guides in the back of this manual.
• It should be on an inside wall 48˝-54˝ above the floor on an inside wall.
• It should not be near areas of extreme heat or cold.
• It should not be located directly across from a heat duct.
• If installed on an outside wall, a 3/4˝ spacer must be used behind legs of thermostat. This will allow the
thermostat to sense the air temperature and not the temperature of the wall.
• A minimum of 22 gauge wire should be used to connect the thermostat to the furnace. We recommend
18 gauge stranded wire.

Mechanical Thermostat

Heat Anticipator
.48 (valve
Anticipator setting

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