Safety & Warnings - Atwood 79 Series Service Manual

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• Do not install the furnace on material that restricts return air, such as carpet, or any soft
material, such as vinyl.
• Do not install furnace where clearance to combustibles cannot be maintained.
• Do not modify the furnace in any way.
• Do not alter the furnace for a positive grounding system.
• Do not HI-POT this furnace unless the electronic ignition system (circuit board) has been
• Do not use a battery charger to supply power to DC model furnace even when testing.
• Do not use 120 volt AC current with DC models.
• Do not use the furnace cabinet area as a storage compartment.
• Do not vent this furnace with a venting system serving any other appliance.
• Do not vent this furnace to an outside enclosed porch area.
• This furnace is not to be used for temporary heating of buildings or structures under
• Locate the furnace in an area that will not be blocked by snow.
• Locate the furnace in an area where the flue gases will not cause building materials to
degrade over time.
• Install furnace so electrical components are protected from water.
• Do not use closeable registers when minimum ducting cannot be maintained.
• Wire furnace direct to battery when possible.
• Use a minimum of 22 gauge wire for the thermostat.
• Use a minimum of 18 gauge wire to the furnace from power supply.
• Follow wiring color code exactly.
• Hold both fittings with a wrench when tightening gas connection.
• Always meet or exceed minimum duct requirements.
• Always meet minimum return air requirements.
• Isolate return air passage from range compartment.
• Furnace must be installed and vented to these instructions.
• Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or
maintenance can cause injury or property damage.
• Negative pressure produced by the furnace can affect the
combustion air or venting of other appliances if installed in an
improper location.
For assistance or additional information, consult a qualified
installer, service agency or gas supplier.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents