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Honeywell DKG 972 Manual

Gas burner safety control. mod.10/mod.05
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Gas Burner Safety Control DKG 972
For 2-stage atmospheric gas burners
Flame detection:
- Ionisation probe
- Infrared-flicker detector IRD 1020.1
- UV flame sensor UVD 971
The burner control box DKG 972 controls and supervises
atmospheric burners for gas. They are approved and certified
according to the applicable European standards and
The microprocessor-based programming sequence ensu-
res extremely stable timings independent of voltage varia-
tions, ambient temperature and/or switch-on cycles. The
built-in information system not only provides a continuous
monitoring of the actual state of the box (very helpful es-
pecially for monitoring the start-up phase) but also informs
about the cause of a possible lock out. The lock out cause
is stored in such a way that it can be retrieved even after a
power failure.
The control box is designed for maximum safety in case of
fluctuations in the voltage supply. If the mains voltage drops
below the permitted level, operation is interrupted and the
control box automatically prevents the start sequence from
being repeated. In this way, the safety of the system is not
put at risk by a drop in the mains voltage. This low-voltage
protection works not only during start-up but also perma-
nently during operation.
The control box circuitry is protected by a flame resistant,
transparent plug-in type plastic housing. A central fixing
screw locks the control box to the wiring base.
The plug-in control box incorporates the microprocessor
based timer, flame check and reset circuits.
Manual reset from lock out and set to lock out is provided by
a push button with an integrated LED information system.
A variety of cable entry points provides complete flexibility
for electrical wiring.
The wiring base S98 is equipped with spare- and extraterminals
and allows together with a variety of cable entry points utmost
flexibility of electrical wiring.
The DKG 972 are compatible with the TFI 812.
Different are only the pre- and post-ignition times.
Max. heating power according the limits in the Gas Appliance
Table of timings (sec.)
waiting time start
pre-ignition time
Stray light monitoring
Operating voltage
Fuse rating
Power consumption
Max. load per output
- term. 3 ignition trafo
- term. 5 + 6 solenoid valves
- term. 7 alarm indicator
- term. 4 auxiliary blower
total load
Reset time from lock out
Re-cycling / repetition (max. 4x) after a loss-of-flame during
min. ionisation current required
Sensitivity for stray light
Ionisation probe insulation
Stray capacitance
max. cable length
Flame detectors
IRD 1020.1
UVD 971
Weight incl. Wiring base
Mounting position
Protection class
Approved ambient parameter
for control and flame detector
- for operation
- for storage
Build-up of ice, penetration of
water and condensing water are
Approvals according
to European standards
Classified acc. to EN 298
safety time
220 / 240 V (-15... +10%)
50 Hz (±5%)
110 / 120 V (-15... +10%)
60 Hz (±5%)
10 A fast, 6 A slow
ca. 12 VA
1.0 A, cos ϕ 0.2
0.5 A, cos ϕ 0.4
0.5 A, cos ϕ 0.4
2.0 A, cos ϕ 0.4
4.0 A, cos ϕ 0.4
max. 16 A during 0,5 sec
1 µA
1.5 µA
0.4 µA
probe - earth
greater than 50 MΩ
probe- earth
less then 1000 pF
< 3 m
side-on or end-on viewing
end-on viewing
190 g
IP 40
max. 95% at 30° C
-20° C... +60° C
-20° C... +80° C
EN 298 and EN 230, as
well as all other relevant
Directives and standards
post-ignition time
delay 2nd-stage



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell DKG 972

  • Page 1 - Ionisation probe - Infrared-flicker detector IRD 1020.1 - UV flame sensor UVD 971 INTRODUCTION The burner control box DKG 972 controls and supervises atmospheric burners for gas. They are approved and certified according to the applicable European standards and regulations.
  • Page 2: Application Features

    APPLICATION FEATURES 1.2 Lock-out diagnoses In case of a failure the LED is permanently illuminated. Every 1. Information system 10 seconds the illumination is interrupted by a flash code, which indicates the cause of the error. Therefore the following The information system is microprocessor based and re- sequence is performed which is repeated as long as the unit ports on all aspects of burner control box operation and is not reset.
  • Page 3 > 187 V (94 V 5. Safety The design and control sequence of the DKG 972 controls will comply with the currently applicable standards and regulations (see also TECHNICAL DATA).
  • Page 4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND MAINTENANCE 3. Fault finding The built-in information system facilitate the trouble shooting 1. Important notes in the case of problems occurring during start-up or during operation. – The controls must be installed by qualified personnel A list of possible lock out messages can be found in only.
  • Page 5 CIRCUIT AND TIMING DIAGRAM DKG 972 max. 10 A fast 6 A slow Mains switch Gas proving switch Limit thermostat Control thermostat External reset and lock out button Ionisation probe (IRD 1020.1, UVD 971see separate diagram) Ignition Solenoid valve, 1st-stage...
  • Page 6: Ordering Information

    Control box DKG 972 Mod. 5 0332005 Control box DKG 972 Mod. 10 0332010 Control box DKG 972 Mod. 10 110 / 120V 50Hz 0332310 Control box DKG 972 Mod. 10 110 / 120V 60Hz 0332410 Socket Wiring base S98 12-pin...
  • Page 7 Combustion Controls EMEA - Local Honeywell Sales Offices France Spain Honeywell SA Honeywell S.A. Parc Technologique de St. Aubin Josefa Valcárcel, 24 Bâtiment Mercury – BP87 28027 Madrid 91193 Gif-Sur-Yvette Cedex SPAIN FRANCE Phone: (33) 1 60 19 80 00...