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Honeywell DKG 972 Manual page 3

Gas burner safety control. mod.10/mod.05
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3. Lock out and reset
The unit can be reset or brought into lock out mode in two
different ways:
In the lock out case the unit can be reset by pushing the built-
in button meaning a new start-up cycle is performed.
Instead of using the built-in lock out button the same
function can be achieved by using an external button which
connects terminal 9 with A (see also circuit and block
If the pushputton (internal or external) is pressed during
normal operation or during the start sequence for more then
3 sec. and afterwards released, the control box will perform
a shutdown.
Please note
The unit can only be brought to lockout mode or
be reseted if power is applied to the unit.
4. Low-voltage protection
at 220 / 240V (110 / 120V) nominal voltage
The mains voltage has to be more than 187 V
order to allow the unit to perform a start-up.
The mains voltage is not only monitored in the start-up
phase but also permanently during operation. If the voltage
drops below < 160 V
(80 V
the control box proceed to safety shut-down and goes into
a waiting status. If the voltage rises again, the control box
performs automatically a start-up as soon as the mains
voltage is > 187 V
(94 V
5. Safety
The design and control sequence of the DKG 972 controls
will comply with the currently applicable standards and
regulations (see also TECHNICAL DATA).
(94 V
) during start-up or run time
) .
6. Mounting and electrical wiring
Wiring base:
– 3 earth terminals with additional terminal for burner
– 3 neutral terminals with internal permanent connection to
neutral terminal 8
– 2 independant spare terminals (S1 and S2)
– extra terminals A, B and C are standard (wiring base S98
– 2 slide-in plates and 2 easy knock out holes plus 2 knock
out holes in the base bottom faciliate the base wiring
Please note
To assist trouble-free operation the main neutral
connection terminal 8 in the wiring base must be
fully tightened. The terminal screws are already in
the undone position. To connect a wire to the
terminal, the screw only needs to be fastened.
General: The control box and detector probes should not be
subjected to excessive vibration.
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