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Mitsubishi Electric LGH-25RVX-E Installation Instructions Manual

Lossnay energy recovery ventilator
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Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator
Installation Instructions
Models LGH-15 to 100RVX-E Models LGH-150 and 200RVX-E
This product needs to be installed properly in order to ensure maximum functionality as well as safety.
Please make sure to read this installation manual before starting the installation.
l Installation must be performed by a dealer or installation contractor. Please note that improper installation may cause malfunction or accident.
"Operating Instructions" and this manual must be handed over to the customer after completing the installation.

Safety precautions

The following signs indicate that death or serious injury may be caused by failure to heed the precautions described below.
Do not modify or disassemble.
(It could cause fire, electric shock or injury.)
Do not
The Lossnay unit and remote controller should not be
installed where it is highly humid, like a bathroom, or
other wet place.
Prohibition of use in
(It could cause electric shock or power leakage.)
bath or shower room
Connect the product properly to ground.
(Malfunctioning or power leaks can cause electrical shock.)
Connect the
grounding wire.
Use the specified power supply and voltage.
(Use of incorrect power supply or voltage could cause fire
or electric shock.)
Select a place with sufficient strength and install the
main unit securely.
The instructions
given must be
(It could cause injury if it falls.)
(For use by dealer/contractor)
Safety precautions ...............................................1
Outline drawings ..................................................3
Standard installation examples............................4
Installation method ..............................................4
Function settings ...............................................13
Trial operation ....................................................21
Wiring work must be performed by qualified
professionals, and be implemented safely and securely
in accordance with the engineering standards and the
extension wiring rules for electrical equipment.
(Poor connection or improper wiring work could cause
electric shock or fire.)
Install a power supply isolator at the power supply
side as per local electrical regulations. All supply
circuits must be disconnected before obtaining
access to the terminal devices. Use the specified
cable size and connect the cables securely to prevent
disconnection when they are pulled.
(If there is a defect in the connection, there is a possibility
The instructions
of fire.)
given must be
Select an adequate place for the opening to introduce
outdoor air, where it will not intake the exhaust fumes
like combustion gas, or others, and there is no risk of
(Shortage of fresh air could put the room in a state of
oxygen deficiency.)
A duct made of steel must be installed with care not
to be connected electrically with metal, wire, stainless
steel plate, or others.
(It could cause fire when power leakage occurs.)


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric LGH-25RVX-E

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator MODELS: LGH-15RVX-E, LGH-25RVX-E, LGH-35RVX-E LGH-50RVX-E, LGH-65RVX-E, LGH-80RVX-E LGH-100RVX-E, LGH-150RVX-E, LGH-200RVX-E Installation Instructions (For use by dealer/contractor) Models LGH-15 to 100RVX-E Models LGH-150 and 200RVX-E Contents Safety precautions ..........1 Outline drawings ..........3 Standard installation examples......4 Installation method ..........4 Function settings ..........13...
  • Page 2 Safety precautions (continued) CAUTION Do not place a burning appliance in a place where it is The control box cover must be closed after the exposed directly to the air from the Lossnay unit. installation. (It could cause an accident as a result of incomplete combustion.) (Dust or humidity may cause power leakage or fire.) Do not use at a place where it is exposed to high When connecting external devices (electric heater,...
  • Page 3: Outline Drawings

    Position where duct Air filters direction change is possible Unit (mm) Dimensions Ceiling suspension fixture pitch Nominal Duct connecting flange Duct pitch Weight Model diameter (kg) LGH-15RVX-E 97.5 LGH-25RVX-E 102.5 LGH-35RVX-E LGH-50RVX-E 1016 1063 135.5 LGH-65RVX-E 1001 – LGH-80RVX-E 1144 1004 1131...
  • Page 4: Standard Installation Examples

    Standard installation examples * Except the 150 and 200 RVX-E. • Duct length Return air grille Model Distance (not Included) LGH-15 to 65RVX-E 1 m or more LGH-80 and 100RVX-E 2.5 m or more EA (exhaust air outlet) LGH-150 and 200RVX-E 3 m or more Lossnay unit •...
  • Page 5 Installation method (continued) 3. Preparing the anchor bolts 5. Connecting the ducts Mount the washers (outer diameter of >21 mm for M10, >24 mm (1) Fasten the duct securely to the duct connecting flange, and for M12) and nuts onto the pre-recessed anchor bolts (M10 or wrap aluminium tape (field supply) around the joints so that M12), as shown in the figure below.
  • Page 6 Installation method (continued) Electrical installation 6. When changing the direction of the out door side duct (EA/OA) ···Except for LGH-150 and With this product, the wiring installation method will vary according to 200RVX-E the design of the system. Perform electrical installation to meet local electrical regulations. (1) Removal of flange cover * Always use double insulated PVC cable for the transmission cables.
  • Page 7 Installation method (continued) Wire connection diagram ----- Model LGH-15 to 100 RVX-E * TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, TB5 shown in dotted lines are field work. * Be sure to connect the ground wire. * A power supply isolator must be installed. * Always use an isolator for the main switch power connection.
  • Page 8 Installation method (continued) Wire connection diagram ----- Models LGH-150 and 200 RVX-E * TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, TB5 shown in dotted lines are field work. * Be sure to connect the ground wire. * A power supply isolator must be installed. * Always use an isolator for the main switch power connection.
  • Page 9 To change fan speed by 0 - 10 VDC input When using the remote/local switching and the ON/OFF input (level signal) When connecting to the City Multi or Mitsubishi Electric Air- Conditioner Network System (MELANS). To start/stop Lossnay stand-alone operation without using the...
  • Page 10 Installation method (continued) When interlocked with indoor unit of air conditioner or When the external device has an uncharged a-contact signal other external device including other manufactures • The wiring should be the following picture. CAUTION Lossnay external 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm sheathed PVC cable control input...
  • Page 11 Installation method (continued) By-pass monitor or Pre-heater signal output. Operation monitor output By-pass monitor or Pre-heater signal can be selected at SW5-6. Operation monitor output can be selected to sympathize with exhaust (Refer to function settings No. 58 fan or supply fan at SW 5-2. Always check that it is the intended setting.
  • Page 12 Installation method (continued) When connecting to the City Multi, Mitsubishi Electric Air- When switching By-pass externally. Conditioner Network System (MELANS) Establish the wire connection by inserting the optional remote display M-NET transmission cable adaptor (PAC-SA88HA-E) in the connector CN26 (White).
  • Page 13: Function Settings

    Function settings Change the function settings from the Address setting is required when connecting to City Multi and MELANS. remote controller PZ-61DR-E. Setting the address Please refer to the Instruction book of PZ-61DR-E for how to set the Use the following procedure when setting the address for dedicated function settings.
  • Page 14 Function settings (continued) Setting Data Factory DIP-SW No Function setting Indicator Indicator Indicator N/A Filter maintenance and fan power up setting Dip-SW available available Fan power against filter choking priority Fan power Fan power up N/A up N/A up available 2 Lossnay core maintenance indicator setting Available Stop when...
  • Page 15 Function settings (continued) Filter maintenance and fan power up No. 1 No.7 Indoor positive pressure setting setting against filter choking Set the schedule for filter cleaning based on the estimated Supply fan speed becomes bigger Exhaust fan Fan speed Supply concentration of dust in the air.
  • Page 16 Function settings (continued) Exhaust fan setting at OA temperature Night-purge setting 1) No.14 No.30 lower than -15 ˚C Air volume Sets the operation of the exhaust fan when the outdoor air is lower Set fan speed during Night-purge. To use Night-purge function, it is than -15 ˚C (when supply fan stop).
  • Page 17 Function settings (continued) No.36 No.41 Outdoor temperature display setting Outdoor temperature correction Set to display outdoor temperature detected by Lossnay unit Set the correction for the outdoor temperature displayed on the thermistor or not. PZ-61DR-E screen by function No. 36 This function is N/A from Lossnay unit DIP-SW.
  • Page 18 Function settings (continued) Note; Automatic ventilation mode setting 3) No.54 The ventilation mode follows the table below. The lowest indoor temperature setting Interlocked air conditioner Remote controller Lossnay Set one of conditions for By-pass mode in auto ventilation operation, (Mr. Slim or City Multi) minimum indoor temperature.
  • Page 19 Function settings (continued) Example 2 Operation monitor output synchronized No.57 By-pass/Energy recovery ventilation map in automatic ventilation with exhaust fan or supply fan mode Set operation monitor output from TM3 90 synchronized with supply of exhaust fan. Energy recovery ventilation area Also supply fan delay operation, ex.
  • Page 20 Function settings (continued) Pre-heater output setting 1) No.59 No.63 External fan speed input setting (0 - 10 VDC) ON temperature Set the outdoor temperature for Pre-heater output ON. Set external fan speed input setting. When detecting temp. becomes the setting or less, Pre-heater output DIP-SW PZ-61DR-E Setting...
  • Page 21: Check Points After Installation Work

    Check points after installation work After installation work, please double-check the points below. If there is any trouble, it must be done correctly. (1) Check points - Unit installation Is the insulation wrapped around the outside ducts? [Refer to Installing the Lossnay unit] page 5 Is the outside ducts installed correctly? [Refer to Installation example]...
  • Page 22 Trial operation (continued) 4. If trouble occurs during trial operation Symptom Remedy Will not operate even when the • Check the power supply. (The specified power supply is single-phase 220-240 V 50 Hz) operation switch for the remote • Check for a short circuit or disconnection in the transmission cable. (Check that the voltage between controller (PZ-61DR-E) is pressed.