Electrical Operation Flow Chart - Toshiba HV6FS-MLD Instruction Manual

Vacuum circuit breakers - drawout type 4.8 & 7.2kv voltage classes fast closing w/uv release
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Control Power Applied
Motor Begins Operating
Closing Springs Begin Charging
Closing Springs Charged
Close Coil Energized
Circuit Breaker Closes
Auxiliary Relay Closes
Anti-Pumping Circuit Completed
Opening Signal Given
Trip Coil Energized
Circuit Breaker Opens
Fig. 30 Electrical Operation Flow Chart
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Circuit Breaker Open
Motor Stops
Closing Signal Given
- - - - Spring Status Indicator Changes to Yellow
- - - - Standby for Close Operation
- - - - Spring Status Indicator Changes to White
and On-Off Status Changes to ON
- - - - Next Close Operation is Not Possible
Unless Close Signal is Canceled
- - - - On-Off Status Indicator Changes to OFF
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents