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Handling And Moving - Toshiba HV6FS-MLD Instruction Manual

Vacuum circuit breakers - drawout type 4.8 & 7.2kv voltage classes fast closing w/uv release


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When handling and moving the circuit breaker
and cell, the techniques shown in this section
may be used.
Care and caution should be used when handling
the circuit breaker and cell units to avoid damage
to the equipment and personal injury. Always
keep the equipment in a generally upright
Refer to
Fig. 8 and Fig. 9 for the correct
methods of lifting and moving the circuit breaker
and cell.
When lifting the circuit breaker, attach a wire
sling to the bolts on the upper left and right
corners of the housing as shown in Fig. 8. For
the cell, the sling is attached to the holes located
in the upper left and right rear of the support
frame as shown in Fig. 9.
Always use lifting equipment suitable for the
weight of the units. The capability of the lifting
equipment to handle the size and weight of the
circuit breaker and cell should be confirmed prior
to lifting.
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Fig. 8 Lifting Method for Circuit Breaker
Fig. 9 Lifting Method for Cell
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents