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Introduction - Toshiba HV6FS-MLD Instruction Manual

Vacuum circuit breakers - drawout type 4.8 & 7.2kv voltage classes fast closing w/uv release


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It is the intent of this manual to provide a guide for safely installing, operating and maintaining Toshiba
vacuum circuit breakers. This manual consists of a section of general safety instructions and is marked
throughout with warning symbols. Read this manual thoroughly before installation, operation and
maintenance of this equipment.
This manual and all accompanying drawings should be considered a permanent part of the equipment.
They should be readily available for review and reference at all times. This manual is not intended to
cover all details, combinations, or variations of the equipment. Always refer to drawings accompanying
the equipment for additional details.
All safety warnings must be followed to ensure personal safety. General safety instructions are
found on pages 1 through 3. Read and save these instructions for future reference.
Follow all precautions to attain proper equipment performance and longevity.
Dimensions shown in the manual are in metric and/or their English equivalent.
This manual is divided into major sections of interest, as follows:
GENERAL DESCRIPTION – Provides a description of the equipment, information on major
components and how they function, plus rating information.
RECEIVING, INSPECTION AND HANDLING – Describes procedures for receiving, unpacking,
inspecting, handling, lifting and moving the circuit breaker.
INSTALLATION – Provides information on installing the circuit breaker in the switchgear cell along with
breaker racking procedures.
PRE-ENERGIZATION CHECK – Provides a checklist for preparing the equipment for energization.
OPERATION – Provides information on manual and electrical operation of the circuit breaker, circuit
diagrams, operating sequence description and operation of circuit breaker optional accessories.
MAINTENANCE – Lists the basic maintenance procedures for this equipment necessary for safe and
reliable operation.
DISPOSAL – Lists procedures for the safe disposal of the equipment when the service life has expired.
STORAGE – Provides guidelines for storing new equipment for an extended period of time.
SPECIFICATIONS – Covers ratings and other specifications of the circuit breaker.
WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – Details Toshiba International Corporation's standard
warranty terms.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents