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Guideform Specifications - GE AKD-10 Application Manual

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Guideform Specifications

[a/b/c] - Required items or features
(Must select either a, b, or c)
< >
- Optional items or features
(May select one or more of these items)
( )
- Specification notes, clarifications
(No selection applicable)
The type AKD-10 Low Voltage Switchgear shall be rated { }
Volts, 3-phase, [3-wire/4-wire with 50% neutral/4-wire with
100% neutral], [50/60] Hz.
The switchgear shall be furnished with an [indoor NEMA 1/
non-walk-in outdoor NEMA 3R/walk-in outdoor NEMA 3R]
The switchgear shall be completely factory assembled and
metal enclosed. It shall consist of functionally compartmen-
talized units for the removable power circuit breaker elements.
The switchgear structure and breaker shall be the product of
a single manufacturer.
Equipment shall be designed, manufactured, and tested in
accordance with ANSI C37.20.1 switchgear standards and
shall be listed and labeled to UL-1558 <and CSA C22.2>. Low
voltage power circuit breakers shall conform to ANSI C37.13
standards and shall be UL listed and labeled.
Utility metering
A utility metering compartment shall be supplied to meet
the requirements of {name of the utility}.
Service entrance
Service entrance shall comply with UL service entrance
requirements which include service entrance label, incoming
line isolation barriers, and neutral connection to switchgear
Incoming line section
Incoming line section shall be [3- wire/4-wire],
[800A/1600A/2000A/ 3200A/4000A/5000A], [main cable
connection with [mechanical/compression] lugs/transition
to a GE transformer/ Spectra busway connection which will
include cutout in the switchgear top plate].
Main metering
Provide hinged instrument panel for main metering in the
top compartment. The instrument panel shall contain the
following devices:
Multi-function digital devices (select all that apply):
• GE-Multilin PQM II Power Quality Meter
Discrete analog devices (select all that apply):
• Ammeter switchboard type, 1% Accuracy, 250° scale
• Voltmeter switchboard type, 1% Accuracy, 250° scale
• Ammeter switch
• Voltmeter switch
• Wattmeter
• Varmeter
• Power factor meter
• Watthour meter [2/2
⁄2 /3] elements <with demand register>
• Current/voltage test block and plug PK-2
• Potential transformers with primary fuses
• Current transformer {Primary rating} to 5A
• Transducer <current> <voltage> <Watts> <Vars>
• Pilot lights
• Breaker control switch
The structure shall be listed under UL-1558 <CSA C22.2> and
be labeled where possible. All live components shall be con-
tained in a grounded metal enclosure 92" high and
[60/67/74/81] inches deep. Individual vertical sections 22",
30" and 38" wide shall be constructed of bolted 11-gauge
modular designed steel frames with removable plates. Each
breaker compartment shall be isolated completely from other
breaker compartments by grounded metal barriers. Barriers
shall isolate the breaker compartment from the busbar system.
The switchgear shall be provided with <UL service entrance
label> <incoming line isolation> < side barriers between section>.
<Pull boxes shall be supplied for the width and depth of the
cable compartment and shall be [15/22/29] inches high and
include screw cover plates.>
<Cable supports for each vertical section shall be provided.>
<Drip-proof roof for the indoor equipment is to be provided.>
(Note: LEADS out below only and no integral breaker lifting
device when drip-proof construction is supplied). <Integral
breaker lifting device shall be rail mounted on top of equipment,
hand-operated and movable.>
[Bolted covers/ Full-height hinged covers which can be bolted
closed] shall be provided for each cable compartment. A
front hinged door with quarter-turn latch <and padlock
provision> shall be provided for each breaker and metering
<Space heaters shall be provided in each vertical section
(1000W 240V@ 120V).>
Paint shall be light gray epoxy electrodeposition ANSI 61.
Paint qualification test shall be per UL-1558 and ANSI C37.20.1.
Auxiliary/transition section(s) shall be supplied and equipped
with [devices as shown on the appropriate drawings/devices
as herein described/ all necessary devices requested to perform
the specified breaker and equipment functions] including



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