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Power+ ™ , Microversatrip Plus ™ And Pm ™ Trip Units - GE AKD-10 Application Manual

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Table of Contents
Power+™, Enhanced MicroVersaTrip Plus™ and
MicroVersaTrip PM™ trip unit systems
There are three trip unit systems available for WavePro™
Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers — Power+, and enhanced
MicroVersaTrip Plus and MicroVersaTrip PM. All three systems
consist of the trip unit, the trip actuator, current sensors and
rating plugs. The term "trip unit systems" applies to the
combination of these four components, which form the circuit
breaker solid-state tripping system.
The Power+ trip unit is a new addition to the list of trip units
available on GE low voltage power circuit breakers. It continues
to use GE's proven technique of measuring true rms currents
of both sinusoidal and harmonically distorted waveforms.
The frequent sampling (48 times per cycle per phase) allows
precise calculations of true rms current. The sampling rate
allows waveform measurements up to the 11th harmonic.
True rms sensing avoids potential under- or over-protection
problems associated with peak-sensing tripping systems.
The Power+ trip unit is identified by its plug-in modules and
rotary switches. The optional "target module" provides LED
targets for overload, short circuit and ground fault trips.
View and Reset push buttons are also provided to monitor
status, including a battery check LED. Standard 3-volt lithium
batteries, in the target module, power the indicating LED's
(batteries are not required for trip unit operation). The "rating
plug module" serves the dual purpose of providing the trip
rating for the circuit breaker as well as ground fault protection
when required. All pickup and delay settings are selected
with detented rotary switches.
Standard functions:
• Rating plug with test port
• Long-time
• Instantaneous
Optional functions:
• Short-time protection, with selectable I
• Ground fault protection, with selectable I
• Defeatable ground fault (not UL)
Target module
• View and Reset buttons
• Battery check LED
• Longtime pickup/trip unit "health" LED
• LED's for overload, short circuit, ground fault trips
Enhanced MicroVersaTrip Plus and MicroVersaTrip PM trip
units also measure true rms currents (and voltages for
MicroVersaTrip PM trip units). The higher sampling rate (64
times per cycle) allows waveform measurements up to the
31st harmonic to achieve accuracy of 99%.
MicroVersaTrip Plus and MicroVersaTrip PM trip units contain
a digital liquid crystal display with a five-button keypad for
local setup and readout of trip settings. The trip units have a
lithium battery for cold setup capability and viewing of targets
without external power. The LCD and keypad also provide a
three-phase ammeter and trip indicators.
The enhanced MicroVersaTrip (MVT) PM trip unit adds power
management system capability, including advanced metering
and protective relaying to the basic functions of the MVT
Plus. The MVT PM can be interfaced with either Modbus RTU
or Ethernet TCP/IP compatible systems.
All trip units utilize a series of interchangeable rating plugs
to establish the current rating of the breaker.
Standard functions:
• Rating plug with test port
• Long-time
• Instantaneous
• Trip target (trip type)
• Trip information (magnitude and phase)
• Trip operations counters
Metering display
• Phase current (selectable among phases)
Optional functions:
• Short-time protection, with selectable I
• Ground fault protection, with selectable I
• Defeatable ground fault (not UL)
• Switchable instantaneous/short time and ground fault (not UL)
• Zone-selective interlock, for ground fault only or for both ground
fault and short-time protection
Additional functions available only with MicroVersaTrip
PM trip unit:
Communication and metering
Communication, metering and protective relaying
Remote communication with POWER LEADER
Control System (PMCS) software
• Voltage (V)
• Energy (kWh/MWh/GWh)
• Real power (kW/MW)
• Total power (kVA/MVA)
• Demand power (kW/MW)
• Peak demand power (kW/MW)
• Frequency (Hz)
Protective relaying:
• Undervoltage
• Overvoltage
• Voltage unbalance
• Current unbalance
• Power reversal
Refer to the tables on page 53 for a listing of the overcurrent functions available on
Power+, MicroVersaTrip and PM trip units.
Power Monitoring and


Table of Contents

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