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Safety And Reliability Features - GE AKD-10 Application Manual

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Safety and reliability features

Standard and optional features are available with AKD-10 switchgear in order to
meet the increasing industry emphasis on maximum uptime, system reliability and
operating personnel safety:
• Closed-door operation
Breaker compartment doors have no ventilation openings, thus protecting oper-
ators from hot ionized gases vented by the breaker during circuit interruption.
• Closed-door drawout
True closed-door drawout construction is standard with all AKD-10 equipment.
The breaker compartment doors remain stationary and closed while the breaker
is racked out from the connect position, through test, to the disconnect
position. Doors are secured with rugged 1/4-turn latches.
• Closed-door control circuit accessibility
Standard AKD-10 construction provides a metal instrument panel above each
circuit breaker. This panel is used for mounting a variety of control circuit
devices. Fuses for the breaker close and trip circuits are front mounted in dead-
front, bayonet-type fuse holders. Up to three indicating lights can be mounted in
the panel — with lamps replaceable from the front. Toggle switches used for
testing the breaker close and trip circuits can also be mounted in the panel. The
panel is removable for gaining access to the wiring terminations. An engraved
circuit nameplate for the breaker is also provided on the panel.
• Closed-door trip unit setup and display
All WavePro
breakers used in AKD-10 switchgear have front-mounted trip units.
This puts all trip unit information out where operators can have full and safe
access to it without opening the breaker door. Depending on the trip unit
supplied, the following information is available at the front of the breaker:
– Trip unit type
– Breaker trip rating
– Trip targets (optional on Power+
– Phase 1-2-3 current readings (MicroVersaTrip Plus/PM)
– Current sensor rating
– Trip unit settings **(LT, ST, INST, GF)
– Trip counter (MicroVersaTrip Plus
– Additional metering (MicroVersaTrip PM) —
Voltage [L-L, L-N]
Total power [kVA]
Energy [kWh]
Real power [kW]
Demand and peak demand [kW]
Frequency [Hz]
– Protective relaying settings ** (MicroVersaTrip PM) — Pickup and delay for
undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage unbalance, current unbalance, power reversal
– Communication address ** (MicroVersaTrip PM)
– Port for portable test kit (TVRMS2) or portable battery pack (TVPBP)
Trip units have a sealable cover so that trip unit settings can be viewed but not changed
Easy-to-use breaker interlocking and locking features minimize the risk of
operational errors:
• Low-voltage power circuit breaker locking
As a standard feature, the low-voltage power circuit breaker can be
padlocked in the open position with up to three 1/4" - 3/8" shank padlocks to
prevent unauthorized closing.


Table of Contents

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