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Mounting Thermostat; Installer Setup - Honeywell pro Series Professional Install Manual

Smart thermostat
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Mounting thermostat

1. Push excess wire back into the wall opening.
2. Close the UWP door. It should remain
closed without bulging.
3. Align the UWP with the thermostat, and
push gently until the thermostat snaps in
Note: If you used the Optional Cover Plate
shown on page 2, remove the gray trim
ring from the thermostat before step 3. Then
align the thermostat with cover plate and push
gently until the thermostat snaps into place.
Note: If needed, gently pull to remove the
thermostat from the UWP

Installer setup

The display will walk you through equipment setup,
connecting to wireless sensors and connecting to
The final step in the setup is a place you can enter
your company name and contact information as
well as your Contractor PRO™ number.
That contact information will be displayed with
alert or reminder messages to keep you connected
to your customer.
Enter your company's Contractor PRO™ account
number to participate in periodic promotions. Earn
incentives such as bonus points for every T10
Pro Smart thermostat you install during eligible
promotional periods. Your account number is
an 8-digit number that includes a leading zero
(example 01234567).
For questions on this bonus or membership to the
Contractor PRO™ loyalty program, contact us at
1-800-919-4835 or

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents