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Honeywell PRO TH3000 Series Owner's Manual

Pro th3000 series non-programmable digital thermostats
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  • Page 2 50°F (10°C). For assistance with this product please Visit http://yourhemeLhoneyweH.eom oroa! I Honeywel! Customer Care t oil-free at 1_800.468_1502 Read and save these instructions, ® U.S. Registered Tredemark. Patents pending. Copyright ® 2006 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D About your new thermostat Appendices Thermostat features ........Battery replacement ........Quick reference to controls ....... In case of difficulty ........Customer assistance ....... Quick reference to display ......4 Accessories ..........Thermostat Operation 5-year limited warranty ......System switch (Heat/Cool) ......
  • Page 4 Operating Manual Your new Honeywell thermostat has been designed to give you many years of reliable service and easy-to-use, push-button climate control. Features • Large, clear, bacMit display is easy to read, even in the dark. Displays both room temperature and temperature setting.
  • Page 5 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D Digita| display screen Temperature adjustment page System switch (see page o Cool: Cooling system control. • Off; All systems off, • Heat: Heating system control, • IEm Heat = Emergency & Auxiliary Heat control. Compressor is locked out, (Select models only,)
  • Page 6 Operating Manual Current inside temperature Temperature setting tf "Heat On" or "Cool Low battery warning (see page 9) On" is flashing, com- pressor protection engaged (see page 8). System Status • Cool On: Cooling system is on. • Heat On: Heating system is on.
  • Page 7 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D The SYSTEM switch can be set to control your heating or cooling system, depending on the season. Coop Cooling system control. • Off: All systems are off. • Heat: Heating system control. • IEm Heat" Emergency &...
  • Page 8 Operating Manual Set the FAN switch to Auto or On. In "Auto" mode (the most commonly used setting), the fan runs only when the heat- ing or cooling system is on. If set to "On," the fan runs continuously. Use this setting for improved air circula- tion,...
  • Page 9 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D Press the temperature adjustment buttons until the temperature you want is displayed in the upper right portion the screen. Note: Make sure the SYSTEMswitch is set to the system you want to control (Heat or Cool), temperature, adjustment buttons.
  • Page 10 Operating Manual This feature helps prevent damage to the compressor in your air conditioning or heat pump system. Damage can occur if the compressor restarted too soon after shutdown. This fea- ture forces the compressor to wait 5 minutes before restarting.
  • Page 11 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D Pull at bottom Batteries are optional (for backup remove thermostat power) if your thermostat was wired from wallplate. run on AC power when installed. Install fresh batteries when the REPLAOE Turn thermostat over, BATT warning begins flashing.
  • Page 12 Operating Manual If you have difficulty with your thermostat, please try the following suggestions. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily. Display is blank • Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary. • Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on. •...
  • Page 13 PRO TH3110D / TH3210D Temperature Make sure heating and cooling temperatures are set to acceptable ranges: settings de net • Heat: 40 ° to 90°F (4.5 ° to 32°C). change • Cool: 50 + to 99°F (10 ° to 37°C). "CooJ On"...
  • Page 14 Operating Manual "_ Pull at bottom to For assistance with this product, please visit remove thermostat http://yourhome,honeyweH,com. Or call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free 1=800=488= 1502. To save time, please note your model number and date code before calling. Accessories/replacement parts and date code.
  • Page 15 Honeywell's sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace the product within the terms stated above. HONEYWELL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND,...
  • Page 16 If you have any questions concerning this warranty, please write Honeywell Customer Relations, 1985 Douglas Dr, Golden Valley, MN 55422 or call 1-800-468-1502. tn Canada,...
  • Page 18 Automation and Control Systems Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell Limited-Honeywell Limit_e 1985 Douglas Drive North 35 Dynamic Drive Golden Valley, 55422 Scarborough, Ontario http://yourhome,honeywell,com Printed in U.S.A. on recycled Heneywe|! paper containing at least 10% post-consumer paper fibers. ® U.$. Registered Trsdemark.

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