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Sony CDP-XE570 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony compact disc player operating instructions.
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Compact Disc
Operating Instructions
© 2001 Sony Corporation
4-233-601-72 (1)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Compact Disc Player Operating Instructions CDP-XE570 CDP-XE370 CDP-XE270 © 2001 Sony Corporation 4-233-601-72 (1)
  • Page 2 The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. Serial No. Except for customers in the United...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    About this manual The instructions in this manual are for CDP-XE570, CDP-XE370, and CDP-XE270. CDP-XE570 is the model used for illustration purposes only. Any difference in operation is clearly indicated in the text, for example, “CDP-XE570 only.” Instructions in this manual describe the controls on the player.
  • Page 4: Parts Identification

    PEAK SEARCH qd (14) PHONES jack ql (9) PLAY MODE 2 (9, 12, 14) POWER 1 (8) Remote sensor qh (7) (CDP-XE570/XE370 only) REPEAT 3 (9, 11) TIME w; (10) TIME EDIT qs (13, 14) TIME/TEXT 5 (10) BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS...
  • Page 5: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel CDP-XE570 CDP-XE370/XE270 ANALOG OUT L/R jacks 2 (7) CONTROL A1II jacks 3 (8, 15) DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL jack 1 (8) Mains lead 4 (7)
  • Page 6: Remote Control (cdp-xe570/xe370 Only)

    Remote Control (CDP-XE570/XE370 only) AyB 7 (11) (CDP-XE570 only) ANALOG OUT LEVEL +/– qk (7, CHECK qg (12) CLEAR qf (12) CONTINUE 2 (9, 14) DISPLAY ON/OFF qs (11) FADER qd (13) Number buttons 4 (9, 12) PROGRAM qa (9)
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Install this system so that the power cord can be unplugged from the wall socket immediately in the event of trouble. Tip (CDP-XE570/XE370 only) You can adjust the analog output level to the amplifier using the remote comes with this player.
  • Page 8: Playing Cds

    CD software other than music, such as a CD- ROM. Tip (CDP-XE570 only) If you have a Sony component with the CONTROL A1II jack, connect the component via the CONTROL A1II jack. You can simplify the operation of audio systems composed of separate Sony components.
  • Page 9: Playing The Cd -- Normal Play/shuffle

    To adjust the volume, connect the headphones to the PHONES jack and adjust the volume with the ANALOG OUT LEVEL +/– on the remote (CDP-XE570 only). • If there is no CD in the player, “–NO DISC–” (or “no dISC” for the CDP-XE370/XE270) appears in the display.
  • Page 10: Using The Cd Display

    Programme Play, “– – . – –” appears instead of the remaining time. Music calendar While playing a CD TEXT disc (CDP-XE570 only) CD TEXT discs have information, such as the 1 2 3 4 disc titles or artist names, memorised in a blank...
  • Page 11: Repeating A Specific Portion (ayb Repeat) (cdp-xe570 Only)

    • This player can only display the disc titles, track titles and artist names from CD TEXT discs. Other information cannot be displayed. Turning off indications in the display (CDP-XE570/XE370 only) Press DISPLAY ON/OFF on the remote. Each time you press this button while playing a disc, the display turns off and on alternately.
  • Page 12: Programming The Cd Tracks

    You need to Erase a track Press CHECK until the track you don’t want appears in the display, then press CLEAR (CDP-XE570/ XE370 only). Erase the last track Press CLEAR. Each time you in the programme press the button, the last track will be cleared.
  • Page 13: Fading In Or Out (cdp-xe570/xe370 Only)

    Then play fades out and the player pauses. Fading time lasts for 5 seconds. Recording From CDs (CDP-XE570 only) Recording a CD by Specifying Tape Length (Time Edit) You can have the player create a programme that will match the length of the tape.
  • Page 14: Adjusting The Recording Level (peak Search)

    Recording a CD by Specifying Tape Length (Time Edit) (continued) Press TIME EDIT to have the player create the programme. The display shows the tracks to be recorded. “TAPE B” flashes in the display. When you record on both sides of the tape, press TIME EDIT again.
  • Page 15: Additional Information

    Currently, CONTROL A1II connections between a Sony MD deck, CD player, amplifier (receiver), and cassette deck provide automatic function selection and synchronized recording. In the future the CONTROL A1II connection...
  • Page 16 When a CONTROL A1II compatible component is not supplied with a connecting cable, use a commercially available monaural (2P) mini-plug cable less than 2 meters (6.6 feet) long, with no resistance (such as the Sony RK-G69HG). Basic functions of the CONTROL A1II control...
  • Page 17: Precautions

    If you have any questions or problems concerning your player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Notes on CDs On handling CDs • To keep the disc clean, handle the disc by its edge.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    • Check that the player is connected securely. • Make sure you operate the amplifier correctly. • Adjust the analog output level with ANALOG OUT LEVEL +/– on the remote (CDP-XE570/ XE370 only). The CD does not play. • There’s no CD inside the player. “– NO DISC –”...
  • Page 20 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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