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Detaching And Attaching The Front Panel - Sony Model XR-3509 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony fm/mw/lw cassette car stereo operating instructions
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Detaching and Attaching
the Front Panel
The front panel of this unit can be detached in
order to prevent the unit from being stolen.
Detaching the Front Panel
Before detaching the front panel, be sure to
press the
button first. Then press the
RELEASE button to open up the front panel
and detach the panel by pulling it towards you
as illustrated.
RELEASE button
Be sure not to drop the panel after detaching it
from the unit.
Attaching the Front Panel
Apply the right side of the front panel to the
unit by attaching part A of the front panel to
part B of the unit as illustrated, then swing
the left side into the unit until it clicks.
• Make sure that the front panel is the right way up when
attaching it to the unit as it cannot be attached upside
• Do not press the front panel hard against the unit when
attaching it to the unit. It can easily be attached by
pressing it lightly against the unit.
• When you carry the front panel with you, put it in the
supplied front panel case.
• Do not press hard or give excessive pressure to the
display windows of the front panel.
• Before removing the front panel, be sure to turn the
power off. However, if you press the RELEASE button to
detach the panel while the unit is still turned on, the
power will be automatically turned off in order to protect
the speakers from being damaged.
Actual total number
• Do not expose the front panel to direct sunlight, heat
sources such as hot air ducts or leave it in a humid place.
Never leave it on the dashboard etc. of a car parked in
direct sunlight where there may be a considerable rise in
temperature inside the car.
Caution alarm (Volkswagen only)
If you turn the ignition key to the OFF position
without removing the front panel, the caution
alarm will be activated and a beep tone will be
heard for a few seconds.
Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)



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