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Sony Model XR-3509 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony fm/mw/lw cassette car stereo operating instructions
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3-856-295-11 (1)
Cassette Car
Operating Instructions
1995 by Sony Corporation
Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
Actual total number:



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  Summary of Contents for Sony Model XR-3509

  • Page 1 3-856-295-11 (1) FM/MW/LW Cassette Car Stereo Operating Instructions XR-3509 1995 by Sony Corporation Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) Actual total number:...
  • Page 2 If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, please consult your nearest VAG dealer. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Therefore, we recommend cleaning the tape head once a month or so with the separately available Sony Cassette Cleaning Set. If the sound does not improve after using a cleaning cassette, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 4: Detaching And Attaching The Front Panel

    Caution alarm (Volkswagen only) If you turn the ignition key to the OFF position without removing the front panel, the caution alarm will be activated and a beep tone will be heard for a few seconds. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
  • Page 5: Setting The Clock

    Tape playback automatically changes direction at the end of the tape. Note Before turning off the unit, eject the tape to avoid tape damage. Ejecting the Cassette Press the button to stop playback and eject the cassette. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
  • Page 6: Fast-Winding The Tape

    If FM Stereo Reception is Poor — Monaural Mode Press the SENS button momentarily. n “MONO” appears on the display. The sound will improve, but it will become monaural. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) – SEEK/MANU For higher frequencies...
  • Page 7: Tuning In By Adjusting The Frequency

    If you press the preset number button for more than two seconds, the currently received station will be memorized. To receive the previously memorized station, make sure that the preset number button is pressed only momentarily. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
  • Page 8: Other Functions

    RELEASE button, then detach it and clean with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Do not apply too much force. Otherwise, the connector may get damaged. button. Back of the front panel Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) Main unit...
  • Page 9: Button Locations

    8 RELEASE (front panel release) button – (volume/bass/treble/ balance/fader control) buttons 58 0 SEEK/MANU button 67 !¡ TUNER/A.MEM (radio on band select/ automatic memory) button 67 !™ SENS (sensitivity adjust) button 6 !£ OFF button 4 Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) LOUD...
  • Page 10: Specifications

    Mounting dimension Approx. 182 53 (w/h/d) not incl. projecting parts and controls Mass Approx. 1.2 kg Supplied accessories Front panel case (1) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) 170 mm 155 mm...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting Guide

    The broadcast is too weak. n Use the manual tuning. The “ST” indication flashes. •Tune in precisely. •The broadcast is too weak. n Press the SENS button to enter Actual total number button. systems. the MONO mode. Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1)
  • Page 12 Sony Corporation Printed in Singapore Sony XR-3509 (E) 3-856-295-11 (1) Actual total number:...