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Charging Battery - LG RK8 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Charging Battery

This unit has a built-in battery.
- By connecting AC power, battery will start
- If Battery charging indicator is in red, this means
that battery is charging now.
- The red LED goes off if the battery is fully charged.
- If the battery is low, 'LOW BATTERY PLEASE
CHARGE' is blinking 3 times per minute on a
display window and red LED is blinking continually.
- Charge battery for about 14 hours before you
start using this unit for the first time.
y Operating time is approx. 10 hours.
(Based on fully charging the battery,
continuous playback using 50 % volume level
and lighting off status, EQ: Standard).
It may vary depending on the battery status
and operational conditions.
y If you are listening to the music while
charging, it will take longer to charge.
y Charge the battery fully during the
recommended time after discharge.



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