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Auto Power Down; Auto Power On / Off - LG RK8 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Auto power down

This unit will turn itself off to save electricity in the
case were the main unit is not connected to an
external device and is not used for 15 minutes.
The unit will also turn itself off after six hours if the
main unit has been connected to another device
using the analog inputs.
Auto power down function is applied to only MAIN
unit in case of WIRELESS PARTY LINK connection.
In case of OTHER unit, Auto power down is available
after disconnection OTHER unit and MAIN unit.
This unit automatically turns on by an input source :
LG TV or Bluetooth
When you turn on your TV connected to this unit,
this unit recognizes the input signal and selects the
suitable function. You can hear the sound from the
If you try to connect your Bluetooth device, this unit
turns on and connects your Bluetooth device.
You can play your music.
y Depending on the connected device, this
function may not operate.
y Depending on the connected device, the unit
turns on but Bluetooth function may not be
y If you disconnect Bluetooth connection by
this unit, some Bluetooth devices try to
connect to the unit continually. Therefore it is
recommended to disconnect the connection
before turning off the unit.
y If you try to connect to the "Music Flow
Bluetooth" app, Bluetooth function of this
unit is turned on.
y If you turn on the unit using LG TV or
Bluetooth function, proper function of this
unit is turned on.
y If you have already paired with this unit,
automatically this unit can turn on by an input
source when this unit is turned off.
y If you turn off the unit by pressing the power
button for more than 5 seconds, Auto Power
On function is disabled.
To activate it, turn on the unit.



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