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Using Microphone - LG RK8 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Using Microphone

1. Connect your microphone to the MIC jack.
2. Play the music you want.
3. Sing along with the accompaniment.
Adjust the microphone volume by rotating
MIC VOLUME on the unit.
y When not using the microphone, set the
MIC volume to minimum or turn off the MIC
and remove the microphone from the MIC
y If the microphone is set too near the speaker,
a howling sound may be produced. In this
case, move the microphone away from the
speaker or decrease the sound level by
rotating MIC VOLUME on the unit.
y If sound through the microphone is extremely
loud, it may be distorted.
In this case, adjust MIC VOLUME by rotating
on the unit to minimum.
y You can give an echo effect to the sound
from the microphones by pressing ECHO.
You can enjoy the function while playing the music, by
reducing singer vocal of music in the various source.
Press the VOICE CANCELLER and "ON" will appear
in display window.
To cancel it, press VOICE CANCELLER again.
The quality of the VOICE CANCELLER may be
different depending on the recording conditions of
music files.
y This function is available USB or BLUETOOTH
(Bluetooth) function.
y If the function is not available, "NOT
SUPPORT" appears in the display window.
y This function is available to use only when a
microphone is connected.
y If a microphone is not connected, "PLEASE
INSERT MIC" appears in the display window.
y It is not available on the mono source.
y To initialize it, change the function or
disconnect the microphone.
y This function may not be initialized depending
on the status of connected devices.



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