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Lg Sound Sync - LG RK8 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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LG Sound Sync

You can control some functions of this unit by
your TV' s remote control with LG Sound Sync. It is
compatible with LG TV that supports LG Sound Sync.
Make sure your TV has the LG Sound Sync logo.
Controllable function by LG TV' s remote control :
Volume up/down, mute
Refer to the TV' s instruction manual for the details of
LG Sound Sync.
1. Turn on the unit by pressing 1 .
2. Press F until LG TV function is selected.
3. Set up the sound output of TV to listen to the
sound through this unit :
TV setting menu [Sound]
[LG Sound Sync (Wireless)]
When the TV is not connected, "LG TV READY"
appears on the display window. If the TV and this
unit are connected normally, "LG TV PAIRED" will
be appear on the display window.
[TV Sound output]
y If the connection fails, check the conditions of
this unit and your TV: power, function.
y Make sure of the condition of this unit and
the connection in the cases below when using
LG Sound Sync.
- The unit is turned off.
- Changing to a different function.
- Disconnecting the wireless connection
caused by interference or a distance.
y The amount of time to turn off this unit is
different depending on your TV.
y If you try to change the function on using
the LG TV function, volume will be changed
according to the LG TV volume level.
y Details of TV setting menu vary depending on
the manufacturers or models of your TV.
y If you connect LG Sound Sync when "Music
Flow Bluetooth" app is connected, control
through the app is available.
y If you turned off the unit directly by pressing
1 , LG Sound Sync will be disconnected.
To use this function again, you should
reconnect the TV and the unit.
y If an LG TV is connected when using
Bluetooth, Bluetooth is disconnected and
the LG TV is connected.
y The volume may be increased when the TV
and this unit is connected by LG Sound Sync.
Decrease the TV volume and then connect
with this unit.
y When you turn on your LG TV connected
by LG Sound Sync or enter LG TV function,
this unit changes the function to LG TV
y You should set the TV Sound output manually
depending on the LG TV version.
y You can also use the MASTER VOL. of this
unit while using LG Sound Sync. If you use TV' s
remote control again, the unit synchronizes
with the TV.



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