Sony XCD-V50 Technical Manual
Sony XCD-V50 Technical Manual

Sony XCD-V50 Technical Manual

Digital video camera module
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Digital Video

Camera Module

Technical Manual
 2005 Sony Corporation
(Color model)
(Black and white model)
A-C7X-100-11 (1)


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sony XCD-V50

  • Page 1: Camera Module

    Digital Video Camera Module Technical Manual XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 (Black and white model)  2005 Sony Corporation (Color model) A-C7X-100-11 (1)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Overview Functions Control Appendix XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Main Features ... 3 System Components ... 4 Connection Diagram ... 5 Location of Parts and Operation ... 6 Gain ... 7 Shutter ... 7 Trigger Shutter ... 7 16-bit Mode ... 8 ExposureOut ...
  • Page 3: Main Features

    * The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Overview Main Features The XCD-V50 video camera module utilizes a 1/3-type PS IT CCD RAW mode output using the RGB Bayer pattern (XCD-V50CR only) High-speed digital interface IEEE1394b- 2002...
  • Page 4: System Components

    System Components The XCD-V50CR/V50 Video Camera Module system comprises the following components. Video Camera Module XCD-V50CR/V50 Host Adapter Card (Commercially available) XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 IEEE1394b Cable (9 pin-9 pin 4.5 m) Tripod Adapter VCT-ST70I (Isolated type) Overview C-mount Lens...
  • Page 5: Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram XCD-V50CR/V50 C-mount Lens XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 IEEE1394b Cable Tripod Adapter VCT-ST70I Overview Host Adapter Card Host Equipment (PC, etc.)
  • Page 6: Location Of Parts And Operation

    Four screw reference holes of 3 can be used as the tripod adapor screw holes, too. Screw the tripod adaptor VCT-ST70I into the four screw holes when you use a tripod. XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Rear Panel 4 IEEE1394b connectors Connect the IEEE1394b cable (supplied) to this connector.
  • Page 7: Gain

    1 (001h) : 10 µ s 48 (030h) : 0.99 ms 480 (1E0h) : 10 ms XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Functions Trigger Shutter Trigger shutter is useful for capturing images in response to a trigger that starts the exposure to match a preset timing.
  • Page 8: 16-Bit Mode

    The LOW period that is given by an output wave form is an approximate guideline. It does not correspond exactly to the actual exposure time. XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 White Balance (XCD-V50CR only) You can adjust the R and B gain with respect to G.
  • Page 9: Camera Command Status Register

    NodeID bbbbbbbb | bbnnnnnn | 11111111 | 11111111 | 11110000 | 11110000 | 00000000 | 00000000 XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Control The remaining 28 bits can be allocated to the camera as addresses, but in reality, the first 2 bits are fixed at 0, so the largest number of bits that can be allocated to the camera as address space is 24 bits.
  • Page 10: Configrom

    430h For offset address 424h, the length of the UnitDirectory is 3 Quadlets. UnitSpecID (00A02Dh) conforms to 1394TA standards. UnitSoftwareVersion (000102h) conforms to IIDC Standards, Version 1.3X. XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 8-15 16-23 24-31 ROM CRC 0003 The UnitDirectory offset address is required to be...
  • Page 11 For offset address 474h, the length of the ModelNameLeaf is 4 Quadlets. The subsequent 8 bytes are fixed at 00. For the XCD-V50, the 7 characters “XCD-V50” come next. For the XCD-V50CR, the 9 characters “XCD- V50CR” come next. XCD-V50CR...
  • Page 12: Control Base Address

    Based on the data above, the formats, modes, and frame rates supported are shown in the tables below. Video modes supported Format Mode ImageSize 640 × 480 640 × 480 XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 FrameRate PacketSize (bytes) ColorCoding Mono8 2560 1280 Mono16 × 2560 Control 3.75...
  • Page 13: Video Mode Settings

    Address Data F0F00630h 08000000h (FrameRate) F0F00630h 0E000000h (VideoMode) XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Starting/Stopping Video Transfer (ContinuousShot) In the device driver, after the preparations for receiving isochronous data are made, video transfer starts when the following commands are issued. Address F0F00614h When the following command is issued, video transfer stops.
  • Page 14: Feature Controls

    Max. 3196 This feature exists. The value can be read out. Manual setting can be selected. 8-19 Min. 0 (XCD-V50) or 256 (XCD-V50CR) 20-31 Max. 256 (XCD-V50) or 768 (XCD-V50CR) This feature exists. The value can be read out. Feature can be switched between ON and OFF.
  • Page 15: Gain Control

    Outputs a software trigger. In Trigger Mode0, automatically reset to “0” when exposure ends. 00000000 In Trigger Mode1, ends exposure if “0” is set. XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 White Balance control (XCD-V50CR only) Address Data F0F0080C 82bbbrrr Sets R and B Gain.
  • Page 16: Notes On The Camera Operations

    Make sure that the following conditions are met when the trigger is activated. Mode 0: timing after the exposure set by the parameter is finished Mode 1: at the trailing edge of the trigger pulse T≥1/30 sec XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Appendix...
  • Page 17: Specifications

    C-mount Flange back 17.526 mm Minimum illumination XCD-V50CR: 20 lx (F0.95, Gain: +18 dB) XCD-V50: 4 lx (F0.95, Gain: +18 dB) Gamma γ = 1 (Fixed) Shutter 1/10000 to 1/15 s (at 15 fps) 1/10000 to 1/30 s (at 30 fps)
  • Page 18: Ccd Pixel Location (Top View)

    CCD Pixel Location (Top View) Total number of pixels: 692 (H) × 504 (V) Number of effective pixels: 659 (H) × 494 (V) Number of output pixels: 640 (H) × 480 (V) XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Appendix...
  • Page 19: Spectral Sensitivity (Relative Response) Parameters

    Spectral Sensitivity (Relative Response) Parameters (Without lens and light source parameters.) XCD-V50 XCD-V50CR XCD-V50CR XCD-V50 Wave Length [nm] Wave Length [nm] Appendix 1000...
  • Page 20: Dimensions

    Appendix Dimensions Unit: mm XCD-V50CR XCD-V50...

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Table of Contents