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Service Information - Honeywell Pressuretrol L404 Series Manual

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L404A-D,F; L604A,L,M


The controller was carefully calibrated during manufac-
turing and should not require recalibration. Most calibra-
tion errors are caused by improper leveling. The controller
should be level when the pointer on the leveling indicator is
directly over the index mark (Fig. 11). In some cases, the
leveling indicator may not be accurate enough. The pointer
may be over the index mark, but the controller still may not
be operating within the tolerance of its scale setting. In this
case, carefully bend the steam trap (siphon loop) until the
controller switches properly.
Service Information
The cover of the controller should be in place at all times
to protect the internal components from dirt, dust, and
physical damage. Routine maintenance should consist of
occasional inspection and blowing or brushing away any
accumulated dirt and dust. To ensure proper functioning of
the controller at all times, perform an operational check of
the entire system during routine maintenance checks.

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