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Honeywell TPPL Modbus TCP Installation And Setup Manual

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Installation and Setup Guide
TPPL Modbus RTU and TCP



  Summary of Contents for Honeywell TPPL Modbus TCP

  • Page 1 Installation and Setup Guide TPPL Modbus RTU and TCP...
  • Page 2 Revision History Revision Comment Date Issue 01 First Issue 28/01/2016...
  • Page 3 Disclaimer In no event shall Honeywell be liable for any damages or injury of any nature or kind, no matter how caused, that arise from the use of the equipment referred to in this manual. Strict compliance with the safety procedures set out and referred to in this manual, and extreme care in the use of the equipment, are essential to avoid or minimise the chance of personal injury or damage to the equipment.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TCP I ODBUS NSTALLATION AND ETUP Contents Introduction ............................. 5 How to Use this Document....................5 Overview ..........................5 Safety Notices ..........................6 How to Install the Bus Interface Board (BIB) (Repair, Upgrade or OEM) ........6 Modbus RTU Cable ......................8 Modbus TCP Cable ......................
  • Page 5 TCP I ODBUS NSTALLATION AND ETUP This page left blank. MAN0995_Iss 1_01/16 Touchpoint Plus Pt. No. 3011M5027_1 Modbus Installation Guide...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    TPPLORTU) is an optional extra for those customers who want to control TPPL via the Modbus protocols. Normally the BIB is factory or OEM installed, but it can be fitted or replaced in the field by an authorised Honeywell Field Engineer, or by a qualified person trained in accordance with the TPPL Technical Handbook and these instructions.
  • Page 7: Safety Notices

    ODBUS NSTALLATION 2 Safety Notices The following safety notices should be read in conjunction with the safety notices and procedures contained in the Touchpoint Plus Technical Handbook. DANGER TPPL Safety systems will be inoperative during parts of this procedure. Ensure that a risk assessment is carried out and that alternative safety arrangements are in place before commencing.
  • Page 8 ODBUS NSTALLATION SD Card Modbus RTU Terminals Figure 1. Controller Cover Panel Screws (Arrowed) Locate the Bus Interface Board (BIB) position to the right of the MOBO (see picture below). If required, remove the existing BIB by pulling gently, and place it on a static free surface. Observing the correct orientation, align the connectors and gently push the new BIB into place.
  • Page 9: Modbus Rtu Cable

    ODBUS NSTALLATION 3.1 Modbus RTU Cable The Modbus RTU cable should be Belden 3105A (22 AWG) or similar shielded data communication cable connected to a router operating at 4800 Baud minimum (>9600 Baud preferred). 3.2 Modbus TCP Cable The Modbus TCP cable should be CAT 5/5E or higher shielded data communication cable suited to the installation distance and ambient environment factors.
  • Page 10: Modbus Chaining / Multi-Drop Mode

    ODBUS NSTALLATION Figure 4. TPPL Modbus TCP / RTU / Web Client Connections Note the use of the cable clamp above. 3.4 Modbus RTU Chaining / Multi-Drop Mode Slave Slave Node Node MODBUS Slave Master Node (RT 100 Ω) Slave...
  • Page 11: How To Configure Modbus Rtu / Tcp Parameters

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4 How to Configure Modbus RTU / TCP Parameters 4.1 How to Configure the Master / Host PC Before starting, please refer to the documentation supplied with the host computer for details of its communication and Modbus configuration, and to the TPPL Technical Handbook for details on everything else. Note: It is recommended that the host computer is configured to provide at least two retries in the event of a communication frame loss with a minimum delay of 1 second between each poll, and a minimum timeout of 2 seconds.
  • Page 12: Modbus Register Allocation For Function 02 - Read Input Status

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4.4 Modbus Register Allocation for Function 02 – Read Input Status This function reads the input channel status bits. Each status bit can have the value 1 = Active or 0 = Not active. For the Channel Type only, 1 = Analogue or 0 = Digital. There are twelve status bits for each channel. Rate LTEL STEL...
  • Page 13: Analogue Registers (Float)

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4.5.2 Analogue Registers (Float) Channel Analogue Value (Float) Analogue Value (Float) Register 1 Register 2 30129 30130 30131 30132 30159 30160 Table 5. Modbus Channel Analogue Values (Float) Note: The Float format is a 32 bit floating point value in accordance with IEEE 754-2008. 4.5.3 Animation Registers A group of values are allocated for Animation Registers 30065 to 30080.
  • Page 14: Register Allocation For Function 03 / 06 / 16 - Read / Write Holding Registers

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4.6 Register Allocation for Function 03 / 06 / 16 – Read / Write Holding Registers All registers use 16 bit data words. The Channel Type field identifies the channel as Input or Output. The decimal value 105 (= ASCII ‘i’) is used for Inputs. Function 16 can be used to write to the 40n01 to 40n04 and 41n01 to 41n05 (n = 0 to 9) ranges of registers only.
  • Page 15: Query Types Available

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4.6.2 Query Types Available Poll No Description Response Format Read System Label Unicode String – 35 (Unicode chars) + 1(null) Read Alarm 1 level Float (4 Bytes – 32 bit floating point) Read Alarm 2 level Float (4 Bytes – 32 bit floating point) Read Alarm 3 level Float (4 Bytes –...
  • Page 16: Modbus Rtu Command Poll Registers

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION Example: Alarm Acknowledge (Command Type): Block Active Channel Channel ID Command Command Result (41n06) Register (41n01) Type (41n02) (41n03) Type (41n04) Data (41n05) (Updated upon Value request execution) Table 13. Command Type Example If ‘Block Active’ is set to 1, the Controller processes the request, but if ‘Block Active’ is set to 0 the Controller will not process the request or has already processed the request.
  • Page 17: Exception Responses

    ODBUS ONFIGURATION 4.8 Exception Responses The Modbus exception response is detailed in the Modicon Modbus Protocol Reference Guide. Any one of the following exception responses may be returned by the Touchpoint Pro Modbus interface: Exception Description 01 ILLEGAL FUNCTION Only Modbus functions 02, 03, 04 and 06 are supported. This response is returned if any other requests are received.
  • Page 18 Fax: +82 (0)2 2025 0328 publication is not intended to form the basis of a India Tel: +91 124 4752700 contract. Technical Services EMEA: US: AP: Issue 1_01/2016 H_MAN0995_EMEA 3011M5027 ECO HAA160009 © 2015 – 2016 Honeywell...

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