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Simplicity Clean Sweep Twin Catcher Operator's Manual

Clean sweep twin catcher
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Clean Sweep
Twin Catcher
Clean Sweep Twin Catcher
Mfg. No.
Clean Sweep Twin Catcher
Rev. 02
Rev. Date 03/2004
TP 100-4033-02-AT-SN



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  Summary of Contents for Simplicity Clean Sweep Twin Catcher

  • Page 1 ATTACHMENT OPERATOR’S MANUAL Clean Sweep Twin Catcher Clean Sweep Twin Catcher Mfg. No. Description 1694498 Clean Sweep Twin Catcher 1726793 Rev. 02 Rev. Date 03/2004 TP 100-4033-02-AT-SN...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety Rules & Information General Warnings...2 Safety Decals ...2 Storing the Grass Catcher ...3 General Operating Information Before Operation ...3 Mowing with the Catcher ...3 Required Accessories...3 After Operation ...3 Storing the Grass Catcher ...3 Initial Turbo Installation Contents Turbo Installation Kit...4 Turbo Installation ...5 Initial Counter Balance &...
  • Page 3: Safety Rules & Information

    Safety Rules & Information Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of unit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. The trian- in text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed.
  • Page 4: Storing The Grass Catcher

    MOWING WITH THE CATCHER Always operate with throttle at full speed when mowing. Grass should be cut often, and not too short. If grass is too long or lush it may be necessary to keep ground speed to a minimum or to cut only half the width of the mower to prevent clogging.
  • Page 5: Initial Turbo Installation

    Initial Turbo Installation 27 34 Ref. Qty. Description CAPSCREW, Hex Head, 5/16-18 x 1 WASHER, 5/16 SUPPORT, Belt Cover NUT, Hex, Nylon Lock, #10-24 ROD, Deflector SCREW, Truss Head, #10-24 x 3/4 PIVOT ASSEMBLY NUT, Hex Whizlock, 5/16-18 NUT, Nylock, Hex 5/16-18 COVER-BELT 50"...
  • Page 6: Turbo Installation

    TURBO INSTALLATION Remove Mower Deck Remove the mower deck from the unit (see Operator’s Manual for instructions). Deflector Removal 1. Remove and retain the carriage bolts, washers, lock- washers, and nuts (A, Figure 3) holding the deflector rod to the deck. Remove and discard the deflector rod.
  • Page 7 Initial Turbo Installation Install Deflector 1. See Figure 6. Drill four 13/64” holes from the bottom of the deflector at the pre-molded drill points (A, bot- tom of deflector). 2. Attach the deflector to the support rod wire-form using four #10-14 x 3/4 truss head screws and nylock nuts.
  • Page 8 Figure 9. Install Idler Assembly A. Idler Assembly. B. Belt Guide C. Capscrew, 5/16-18 x 7/8 Install Idler Assembly & Belt Cover 1. See Figure 9. Remove and discard the two taptite screws from locations (E). 2. Insert two 5/16-18 x 7/8 capscrews (C) through the mower deck and arbor.
  • Page 9 Initial Turbo Installation 50" Figure 13. Belt Cover Plates A. Belt Cover Plate for 50” Mower B. Belt Cover Plate for 44” Mower WARNING When the turbo blower assembly is removed from the mower deck, the deflector MUST be properly installed.
  • Page 10 Install Turbo Blower 1. Install the turbo unit by sliding the turbo pivot rod into the pivot bracket at the front edge of the mower deck (A, Figure 17). 2. Tilt the deflector UP (B). 3. Rotate the turbo unit (C) into position on the dis- charge of the mower deck, and “latch”...
  • Page 11: Initial Counter Balance & Front Weight Carrier Installation

    Initial Counter Balance & Weight Carrier Installation Figure 1. Counter Balance Installation COUNTER BALANCE & WEIGHT CARRIER INSTALLATION Counter Balance Installation 1. Remove hair pin (C, Figure 1) from trunnion (B). Remove trunnion (B) from rear deck lift lever (A). Mark or measure trunnion position on rear deck lift lever.
  • Page 12: Initial Hitch & Tube Installation

    Figure 1. Install Hitch Plate A. Hitch Plate E. Upper & Lower B. Heat Shield Bumper C. Capscrews, F. Washer 1/2-13 x 1-1/4 G. New Holes, 17/32” D. Locknuts, 1/2-13 H. Existing RH Holes HITCH & TUBE INSTALLATION Install Hitch Plate and Back Plate 1.
  • Page 13: Assemble Tubes & Deflector

    Initial Hitch & Tube Installation A. Upper Tube B. Middle Tube C. Lower Tube D. Nut, Nylock, 10-24 x 3/4 E. Washer F. Screw, Truss Head, 10-24 G. Holes H. Clip and Hardware Figure 4. Assemble Tubes & Deflector Assemble Tubes & Deflector 1.
  • Page 14: Initial Collector Assembly

    COLLECTOR ASSEMBLY Install Cover and Bags 1. Hang the bags (F, Figure 7) on the horizontal sup- port. Note: If desired, the bags can be lined with 30 gallon trash bags for easy disposal. 2. Install the handle (B) inside the cover. Secure with two #10-32 x 1/2 screws (C) and nuts (A).
  • Page 15: Normal Removal & Installation Removing The Grass Catcher

    Normal Removal & Installation A. Tubes B. Hair Pin Clip C. Bags D. Clevis Pin E. Cover F. Clip Figure 9. Normal Removal & Installation WARNING OPERATION WITHOUT TURBO & CATCHER For operation without turbo, the mower deflector MUST be properly installed in the down position and retained by the spring latch (See Turbo Operator’s Manual).
  • Page 16: Installing The Grass Catcher

    Installing the Grass Carcher 1. Set the back plate & support (A, Figure 11) on pins of hitch plate (C). Secure with rod (D) and hair pin (B). 2. Install the bags (C, Figure 12). 3. Install the cover (E, Figure 12). Secure with the cle- vis pins (F) and hair pin clips (B).
  • Page 17: Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications

    Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications Common Hardware Types Hex Head Capscrew Carriage Bolt Standard Hardware Sizing When a washer or nut is identified as 1/2”, this is the Nominal size , meaning the inside diameter is 1/2 inch; if a second number is present it represent the threads per inch When bolt or capscrew is identified as 1/2 - 16 x 2”, this means the Nominal size , or body diameter is 1/2 inch;...
  • Page 18 M A N U F A C T U R I N G , I N C . 500 N Spring Street / PO Box 997 Port Washington, WI 53074-0997 © Copyright 2004 Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

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