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HP OfficeConnect 1920S Series Quick Setup Manual page 4

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JL582A 8G switch
Kit number 5066-5626
two wall/table mounting brackets
two 10 in. rack-mounting brackets
2. Power-on and verify that Self-Test completes normally by observing the switch LED behavior. For details of LED
behavior, see the latest version of the Installation and Getting Started Guide for your switch model at http://
For any 1920S 24G, 48G, or 8G switch having an internal power supply:
a. Connect the power cord to the power connector at the back of the switch.
b. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.
For a 1920S 8G switch with an external power supply (JL380A or JL383A):
a. Connect the AC/DC adapter to the power connector at the back of the switch.
b. Connect the AC/DC adapter to a properly grounded electrical outlet.
3. Disconnect power from the switch before mounting it.
4. Mount the switch.
Rack Mounting: To attach the accessory kit brackets to the switch, use the included eight 8-mm M4 screws and a
#1 Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver. Then secure the brackets to the rack by using four number 12-24 screws (not
Table or Desktop Mounting: Attach the four self-adhesive pads (included in the accessory kit) to the bottom
corners of the switch.
Wall or Under-table Mounting:
To mount any 1920S 24G and 48G switch, or the JL582A 8G switch (having an internal power supply):
a. Attach the mounting brackets to the switch by using the included 8-mm M4 screws with a #1 Phillips (cross-
head) screwdriver.
b. Then attach the switch to the wall or wood surface with two 5/8-inch number 12 wood screws (not included).
To mount either of the 1920S 8G switches having an external power supply (JL380A and JL383A):
a. On the mounting surface, mark the position for the mounting screws. The hole-to-hole distance is 3.54 inch
b. Use a #1 Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver and two of the included 20-mm 4 tap screws. Offset the screw
heads approximately 2 mm away from the mounting surface to allow the switch to slide on to the screws.
Wall anchors are included in the accessory kit for use with plastered brick or concrete walls.
c. For an under-table mounting, a third 20-mm M4 tap screw (not included) can be placed against one side of
the switch to secure it in place.
eight 8-mm M4 screws
four rubber feet
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