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Important Safeguards - Electrolux 350 Series Owner's Manual

Maxi steam gun. household type
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Carefully read these instruction:
The appliance is provided with a temperature regulator, a thermofuse and
a safety plug. It complies with European standards regarding electrical
household appliances.
Check that the voltage indicated on the plate corresponds with that of the
local network before connecting the appliance to the supply mains.
Always plug the appliance into a grounded outlet.
When using the flexible pipe (21), before releasing the steam, direct the
jet of the gun (13) into a container so as to remove the condensation from
the pipe.
Never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to the electric
Do not tilt the appliance more than 45° from its upright position while it is being
used in order to prevent hot water from leaking out of the boiler tank together with
Avoid directing the jet of steam towards people, animals or equipment with
electrical components (e.g. ovens).
Do not immerse the appliance in water or other liquids.
Always unplug the appliance when you fill the boiler tank with water.
Never leave the appliance within child's reach.
Never add descaling agents, aromatics, alcoholics or detergents to the water in
the appliance - they may damage it or make it unsafe to use.
Do not touch hot surfaces while the appliance is being used. Allow the
attachments to cool down before replacing them.
Attention: before unscrewing the cap (3), carry out the following operations:
- unplug the power cord from the outlet
- slowly unscrew the cap (3) and wait for a few seconds before unscrewing it
completely in order to allow the hissing noise of the steam to stop.
Attention: before removing the flexible pipe (21) carry on the following
- slowly turn the pipe and remove it from the appliance
Do not use the appliance if it is damaged. Any repair work, including the
replacement of the power cord, must be carried out by an Electrolux Service
Agent in order to prevent any risk.
This appliance is intended for domestic use only.
This appliance is in conformity with directive 89/336 EEC relevant to
electromagnetic compatibility.
When cleaning carpets or upholstery fabric, always test a small hidden area
before. Do not use on velvet or velour upholstery.
When the steam cools down, water may form in the steam hose. When you first
use the machine or when it has not been used for a long period of time, drain the
hot water into a container by pressing the steam spray button and aiming the
spray nozzle into the measuring cup until steam begins to disperse again.
When using the carrying strap always keep the product in the horizontal position.
Do not allow the product to hang in the vertical position.

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