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Electrolux 350 Series Owner's Manual page 5

Maxi steam gun. household type
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Straight nozzle:
a) fully insert the attachment by pushing it a against the appliance
body. Align the mark on the nozzle with the yellow mark on the
appliance as shown in figure B.
b) turn in a clockwise direction until the mark on the nozzle is
perfectly aligned with the two lines on the appliance body. Now
the attachment is locked in the central position.
Fig. B
Round brush and bent nozzle:
Both these attachments can be attached to the straight nozzle (Figure C and D), or to
the articulated steam nozzle on the appliance body (Figure E and F).
Fig. C
Fig. D
Fig. E
Fig. F
Flexible pipe, Brush for fabrics and glass wiper:
The flexible pipe (21) must be attached to the articulated steam nozzle (2). Then attach
whichever accesory you wish to use - the round brush (10), the bent nozzle (11) the
straight nozzle (12), then the brush for fabrics (17) .
The brush for fabrics comes with a cloth that can be used to clean delicate surfaces
such as sofas and armchairs, and with a glass wiper fitted as shown in figure G, as
well as for ironing hanging clothing articles (Fig. H).
Fig. G
Fig. H
CAUTION: do not use th glass wiper on cold glass. It may break the glass.
NOTE: never put descaling, aromating, alcoholic or detergent products into the
appliance, as this may damge it or make it unsafe for use.



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