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Maintaining - Electrolux 350 Series Owner's Manual

Maxi steam gun. household type
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How to fill the boiler while the appliance is being used
When the water in the boiler tank has run out and you press the button (4) no steam
will come out. To refill, carry out the following operations:
a) unplug the appliance;
b) wait for about 10 seconds;
c) carefully unscrew the safety cap (3). Before unscrewing it completely wait for the
hissing noise created by residual steam to stop;
d) unscrew the cap completely and slowly pour a measure of water into the boiler by
means of the funnel (8). Take care not to let any water flow out of the tank during
this operation;
e) retighten the safety cap;
f) insert the plug into the outlet.
Unplug the appliance from the outlet before carrying out any operation. Let the
appliance cool down completely before putting it away or cleaning it.
To ensure the best performance and long life of the appliance, rinse out the boiler
every month to remove any scale deposits. Do not use vinegar or other descaling

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