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Verify the switch passes self test (
Plug the switch into a power source and observe that the LEDs on the switch's front panel
indicate correct switch operation. When self test is complete, unplug the switch.
(Optional) Install the stacking module (
(Optional) Install the Flex Port module
Mount the switch (
19-inch telco rack, in an equipment cabinet, or on a horizontal surface.
(Optional) Install the stacking cables (
you have installed the module, you can now install up to four stacking cables and connect
them to other switches in the desired stacking topology.
(Optional) Install or remove SFP transceivers (mini-GBICs)
Transceivers). Depending on the switch model purchased and optional Flex Port module
configuration, the switch can support SFP/SFP+ or QSFP+ transceivers. Depending on
where the switch is mounted, it may be easier to install the transceivers first. All transceiver
types can be installed or removed while the switch is powered on.
Connect the switch to a power source (
Once the switch is mounted, plug it into the nearby main power source.
(Optional) Install a second power supply (
Supply). You may wish to use a second power supply with the switch to provide redundant
power or added PoE+ power.
10. (Optional) Connect a Management console
console). You may wish to modify the switch's configuration, for example, to configure an
IP address so it can be managed using a web browser, from an SNMP network management
station, or through a Telnet session. Configuration changes can be made easily by using
the included console cable to connect a PC to the switch's console port.
11. Connect the network cables
appropriate network cables, connect the network devices to the switch ports.
At this point, the switch is fully installed. See the rest of this chapter if you need more detailed
information on any of these installation steps.
Installing the Switch
" 2. Verify the Switch Boots Correctly" (page 32)
(4. Installing the Flex Port
"5. Mount the Switch" (page 37)
6. (Optional) Installing the Stacking
(" 11. Connect the Network Cables" (page
3. (Optional) Install the Stacking
). The Switch can be mounted in the
(7. (Optional) Installing
8. Connect the Switch to a Power
9. (Optional) Installing a Second Power
(10. (Optional) Connect a Management
Cables). If
46)). Using the


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