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Parameter Data Record; Parameter Assignment And Structure Of Parameter Data Record - Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP Manual

Digital input module, di 8x24vdc hf 6es713106bf00-0ca0.
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Parameter data record


Parameter assignment and structure of parameter data record

The data record of the module has an identical structure, regardless of whether you
configure the module with PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO. With data record 128, you can
reconfigure the module in your user program regardless of your programming. This means
that you can use all the functions of the module even if you configured it via PROFIBUS-
With data records 0 to 7, you can reconfigure individual channels.
Operation of the module behind a PROFIBUS DP interface module
If the module is operated behind a PROFIBUS DP interface module, the parameter data
records 0 and 1 cannot be read back. You obtain the diagnostics data records 0 and 1 with
the read back parameter data records 0 and 1. You can find additional information in the
Interrupts section of the PROFIBUS DP interface module manual on the Internet
Parameter assignment in the user program
The module parameters can be re-assigned in RUN (for example, the input delay of selected
channels can be edited in RUN without having an effect on the other channels).
Changing parameters in RUN
The WRREC instruction is used to transfer the parameters to the module using data record
128 or data records 0 to 7. The parameters set in STEP 7 are not changed in the CPU,
which means that the parameters set in STEP 7 will be valid again after a restart.
If you reconfigure a module and diagnostics are pending prior to the reconfiguration, these
diagnostics are not signaled as "outgoing".
Output parameter STATUS
The module ignores errors that occur during the transfer of parameters with the "WRREC"
instruction and continues operation with the previous parameter assignment. The STATUS
output parameter contains a corresponding error code.
You will find a description of the "WRREC" instruction and the error codes in the STEP 7
online help.
Digital input module DI 8x24VDC HF (6ES7131-6BF00-0CA0)
Manual, 12/2017, A5E03576305-AE


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