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Makita WST05 Instruction Manual page 4

Miter saw stand
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LS0714, LS0815, LS1013, LS1016, LS1017, LS1018, LS1019, LS1212, LS1214, LS1216, LS1219, LS1030N, LS1040,
LS1220, LS1221, BLS713, DLS713, DLS714, DLS110, DLS111, DLS112, MT230, M243, MLS100, MLS101, M2300,
LH1040, LH1200FL, LH1201FL
Inclusive of models followed by F, L and FL, if any.
Note: Check contents of package for the following components. Please inform Makita service center of any part missing in
the package immediately.
• Miter saw stand (1 unit)
• Hex wrench 5 (1 pc.)
• Hex wrench 6 (1 pc.)
• Wrench 10-13 (1 pc.)
• Wheel assembly (1 unit)
– hex nut 8 (1 pc.), flat washer 8 (1 pc.), wheel (2 pcs.),
flat washer 12 (3 pcs.), wheel axis (1 pc.)
• Foot arm (1 unit)
• Working table (2 units)
• Front foot R (1 unit)
............. Read instruction manual.
............. Maximum allowable loading
(220 lbs.)
• Read and thoroughly understand this manual and the
instruction manual of the tool you use before
performing the following.
• Before installing a tool on this stand, always switch off
and unplug the tool.
• The stand should be bolted in a stable and level
surface using the right angle brackets provided on two
of four feet.
• Use only with Makita model indicated in the instruction
• Use only the handle to avoid pinched fingers when
raising or folding the stand.
• Before operating the tool, secure it to stand using bolts.
• Do not use the stand on uneven or unstable surface.
• Do not climb, sit or stand on the stand.
• When setting up the miter saw stand in the upright
position or folding it, be sure to securely keep pressing
the pipe of miter saw stand with your foot until it locks.
• When storing miter saw stand, never lean it against the
wall or the like lengthwise or sideways.
• Never pull the locking lever without holding the handle.
Assembling miter saw stand: (Fig. 1)
(1) Front foot (2 units)
1. Place the stand assembly upright.
2. Secure the front foot R (11) to the stand leg with
screw plate (10), hex bolt M6 x 40 (9) (2 pcs), flat
washer 6 (12) (2 pcs) and hex nut 6 (13) (2 pcs).
3. Insert the support (14) into the holes on the front
foot R.
4. Secure the front foot L (11-1) by repeating the
above procedure.
• Front foot L (1 unit)
• Hex socket bolt M6 x 40 (4 pcs.)
• Hex socket bolt M8 x 10 (2 pcs.)
• Flat washer 6 (4 pcs.)
• Hex nut 6 (4 pcs.)
• Support (1 pc.)
• Hex bolt M8 x 50 (4 pcs.)
• Hex nut 8 (4 pcs.)
• Flat washer 8 (8 pcs.)
• Screw plate (2 pcs.)
(2) Wheel assembly
1. Remove the whole parts from the wheel axis.
2. Place the flat washer (4), wheel (3) and flat washer
(4) on wheel axis (5) in order. Then slide the wheel
axis (5) into the leg (15). Place the flat washer (4),
wheel (3) and flat washer (2) on the other side of the
wheel axis. Secure the lever on the wheel axis end,
and then tighten the hex nut 8 (1).
3. Check the wheels turn properly after loosening the
lever. If the wheels do not turn, it shows the hex nut 8
is excessively tightened. When using a miter saw
stand, secure the lever to fix the wheels.
(3) Foot arm (1 unit)
Insert the foot arm (7) into the ports of the leg and
secure them by hex socket bolt M8 x 10 (8) (2 pcs).
When securing the foot arm, insert it in a proper
direction. Otherwise the foot arm cannot be secured.
(4) Working table (2 units)
Slide the working tables (6) into the slots on the stand
and secure them to the desired position by the lever
(16). The lever can be adjusted to a different angle by
picking the lever up and turning it at a desired angle.
Installing miter saw on the miter saw
stand: (Fig. 2)
Loosen the levers (16). Place a miter saw so that the bolt
holes in the miter saw base overlap holes on the working
table. Secure the miter saw stand with hex bolt M8 x 50
(17) (4 pcs), flat washer 8 (18) (8 pcs) and hex nut 8 (19)
(4 pcs). Secure the levers (16).
Note: Use small holes in the working tables as scales to
set the miter saw properly.
Setting up: (Fig. 3)
1. Hold down the handle (23) and place your foot on the
support (14).
2. Release the locking lever (22).
3. Pull up the handle (23) with both hands until the red
indicator passes the height level "2" or "3".



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