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Makita WST05 Instruction Manual page 5

Miter saw stand
Hide thumbs


4. To stabilize the stand, loosen the round nut (25) and
turn the adjusting feet (24). Retighten the round nut
(25) after the setting.
Folding: (Fig. 4)
1. Place your foot on the support (14).
2. Slightly pull up the handle (23) with both hands and
pull the release lever (26).
3. Lower the handle (23) under the height level 1. The
locking lever (22) locks the handle by itself.
Setting the extension arms: (Fig. 5 & 6)
1. Turn the lever (27) which has the same functions as
the lever (16) toward the miter saw.
2. Pull out the extension arm (28) to your desired length.
3. Tighten the lever (27).
4. Pull out the pin (29) and pivot the leg. Make sure that
the pin locks the leg.
5. Loosen the clamping screw on the leg, pull out the leg
pipe (32) until it reaches the floor and retighten the
clamping screw (31).
6. Loosen the clamping screw (31) for the support, raise
or lower the support until the top edge of the support
reaches the miter saw table height. Retighten the
clamping screw (31).
7. When using the stopper (34) for repetitive cuts, loosen
the clamping screws (33) and raise the stopper (34).
Retighten the clamping screws (33) to secure the
stopper (34).
Storing the extension arm: (Fig. 5 & 6)
Follow the procedure of "Setting the extension arms" in



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