Epever Tracer AN series User Manual

Epever Tracer AN series User Manual

Mppt solar charge controller


Tracer AN series
User Manual
MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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Summary of Contents for Epever Tracer AN series

  • Page 1 Tracer AN series MPPT Solar Charge Controller —— User Manual Models: Tracer5210AN/Tracer6210AN Tracer5415AN/Tracer6415AN Tracer8415AN/Tracer10415AN Tracer5420AN/Tracer6420AN Tracer8420AN/Tracer10420AN...
  • Page 3 Important Safety Instructions Please reserve this manual for future review. This manual contains all instructions of safety, installation and operation of Tracer AN series controller ("the controller" is referred in this manual). General Safety Information  Read all the instructions and warnings carefully before installation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 General Information ..................1 1.1 Overview .....................1 1.2 Characteristics ..................2 1.3 Designations of Controller Models ............3 1.4 Accessories (Included) ................3 1.5 Accessories (optional) .................4 2 Installation .....................5 2.1 General Installation Notes ..............5 2.2 PV Array Requirements ...............5 2.3 Wire Size .....................8 2.4 Relay instruction ..................9 2.5 Mounting ...................
  • Page 7: General Information

    PV modules and operate under high temperature environment. With the adaptive three-stage charging mode based on digital control circuit, Tracer AN series controllers can effectively prolong the life-cycle of battery and significantly improve the system performance.
  • Page 8: Characteristics

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.  Load relay control external load switch signal to realize diversified load work modes  The first and the second disconnection of load control, contain two relay’s contact.  Auto-control of utility and generator relay design ...
  • Page 9: Designations Of Controller Models

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ❻- ➄- PV reverse polarity alarm indicator Battery Terminals ❼- ➅- ⑴ Generator and load relay enable ENTER button ❽- ➆- RTS Port ❾- ➇- RS485 port(5VDC/200mA) Fault LED indicator Generator and load relay enabled when the switch is ON; Generator and load delay is disabled when the switch is OFF.
  • Page 10: Accessories (Optional)

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 1.5 Accessories (optional) Acquisition of battery temperature for undertaking temperature compensation of control parameters, the standard length of the cable is 3m (length can be customized). Remote Temperature Sensor The RTS300R47K3.81A connects to the port (4 ) on the controller.
  • Page 11: Installation

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 2 Installation 2.1 General Installation Notes  Before installation, please read through the entire installation instructions to get familiar with the installation steps.  Be very careful when installing the batteries, especially flooded lead-acid battery. Please wear eye protection, and have fresh water available to wash and clean if any contact with battery acid.
  • Page 12 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 72cell Voc<46V 96cell Voc<62V Thin-Film Module System voltage Voc>80V MAX. Best MAX. Best NOTE: The above parameter values are calculated under standard test conditions (STC ,Module Temperature 25℃,Air Mass1.5.) (Standard Test Condition):Irradiance 1000W/m Tracer5415/6415/8415/10415AN: 36cell 48cell 54cell 60cell System...
  • Page 13 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Condition 1: Actual charging power of PV array ≤ Rated charging power of controller Condition 2: Actual charging current of PV array ≤ Rated charging current of controller When the controller operates under “Condition 1”or“Condition 2”, it will carry out the charging as per the actual current or power;...
  • Page 14: Wire Size

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 1000W/12V 1500W/12V 2000W/24V 3000W/24V Tracer8415AN 3000W/36V 4500W/36V ① 4000W/48V 6000W/48V 150V 1250W/12V 1875W/12V ② 138V 2500W/24V 3750W/24V Tracer10415AN 100A 3750W/36V 5625W/36V 5000W/48V 7500W/48V 625W/12V 937.5W/12V 1250W/24V 1875W/24V Tracer5420AN 1875W/36V 2812.5W/36V 2500W/48V 3750W/48V 750W/12V 1125W/12V 1500W/24V 2250W/24V Tracer6420AN 2250W/36V 3375W/36V...
  • Page 15: Relay Instruction

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. * Model Max. PV input current Max. PV wire size Tracer5210AN Tracer5415AN 16mm /6AWG Tracer5420AN Tracer6210AN Tracer6415AN 16mm /5AWG Tracer6420AN Tracer8415AN 25mm /4AWG Tracer8420AN Tracer10415AN 100A 35mm /2AWG Tracer10420AN *These are the maximum wire sizes that will fit the controller terminals. CAUTION: When the PV modules connect in series, the open circuit voltage of the PV array must not exceed 72V (Tracer**10AN)/138V(Tracer**15AN)/180V(Tracer**20AN) at 25℃...
  • Page 16 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Battery Voltage (V Charging current (I Discharging current (I Start-up the Utility/Generator working: <V Stop the Utility/Generator working: <V CAUTION: The V and V can be set via the PC software,the Battery Control Voltage Parameters refer to the chapter 3.4 Setting. 2) Control the load first disconnection and second disconnection.
  • Page 17: Mounting

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Refer to the below the diagram: 2.5 Mounting WARNING: Do not reverse the polarity of the batteries. Reverse polarity will damage the charge controller permanently. Damage caused by reverse polarity, is not covered by warranty. WARNING: Risk of explosion! Never install the controller in a sealed enclose with flooded batteries! Do not install in a confined area where battery gas can accumulate.
  • Page 18 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Step 2:Remove the terminal protective cover Step3:Connect the battery❶(Left) and PV❷(Right) NOTE: Disconnect the system in the reverse order. WARNING: Do not reverse the polarity of the batteries. Reverse polarity will damage the charge controller permanently. Damage caused by reverse polarity, is not covered by warranty. CAUTION: While wiring the controller do not turn on the breaker or fuse and make sure that the leads of "+"...
  • Page 19 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. One controller:...
  • Page 20 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Multiple controllers...
  • Page 21 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Step 4:Grounding Tracer AN series is a common-negative controller, if any of one negative is grounded, all the negative terminals of PV, Battery will be grounded simultaneously. However, according to the practical application, all the negative terminals of PV array, battery and load can also be...
  • Page 22: Operation

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 3 Operation 3.1 Indicator Color Status Instruction Indicator PV connection normal but low Green On Solid voltage(irradiance) from PV, no charging No PV voltage(night time) or Green PV connection problem Charging LED indicator Green Slowly Flashing In charging Green Fast Flashing...
  • Page 23: Lcd Display

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 3.3 LCD Display  Status Description Item Icon Status Night No charging PV array Charging PV Voltage, Current, Power Battery capacity, In Charging Battery Battery Voltage, Current, Temperature Battery Type Load control delay turn ON Load Load control delay turn OFF ...
  • Page 24: Setting

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Fault charging Status Icon Description indicator indicator Battery level shows empty, Battery over —— battery frame blink, fault discharged on solid icon blink. Battery level shows full, Battery over —— battery frame blink, fault slowly voltage icon blink.
  • Page 25 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.  Battery Control Voltage Parameters The parameters are in 12V system at 25 º C, please double the values in 24V system and quadruple the values in 48V system. Battery charging setting Sealed Flooded User Over Voltage Disconnect Voltage 16.0V 16.0V 16.0V...
  • Page 26: Protections, Troubleshooting & Maintenance

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 4 Protections, Troubleshooting & Maintenance 4.1 Protections WARNING: Do not reverse the polarity of the batteries. Reverse polarity will damage the charge controller permanently. Damage caused by reverse polarity, is not covered by warranty. When the charging current or power of the PV array exceeds the controller’s rated current or power, it will be charge PV Over at the rated current or power.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. For example Tracer10420AN 48V system: Reduce charging power mode 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 Power W 1000 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 Internal temperature℃ 4.2 Troubleshooting Faults Possible reasons...
  • Page 28: Maintenance

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 4.3 Maintenance The following inspections and maintenance tasks are recommended at least two times per year for best controller performance.  Make sure controller firmly installed in a clean and dry ambient.  Make sure no block on air-flow around the controller. Clear up any dirt and fragments on radiator.
  • Page 29: Specifications

    BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 5 Specifications Electrical Parameters Item/Tracer****AN 5210 6210 5415 6415 8415 10415 5420 6420 8420 10420 Nominal System 12/24VDC or Auto 12/24/36/48VDC or Auto Voltage Battery Input 8V~32V 8V~68V Voltage Range Battery Type Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flooded/User Battery fuse 80A/58V 150A/58V 80A/58V 150A/58V...
  • Page 30 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Environmental Parameters Ambient temperature range -25℃~+60℃(Derate above 45℃) LCD temperature range -20℃~+70℃ Storage temperature range -30℃~+85℃ Relative humidity range 5% to 95% (N.C.) Enclosure IP20 Pollution degree Mechanical Parameters Item Tracer5210/5415/5420AN Tracer6210/6415/6420AN Dimension 261×216×119mm 340×236×119mm Mounting dimension 180×204mm 260×224mm Φ7...
  • Page 31: Annex I Dimensions

    Annex I Dimensions Tracer5210/5415/5420AN Dimensions(Unit:mm)
  • Page 32 Tracer6210/6415/6420AN Dimensions(Unit:mm)
  • Page 33 Tracer8415/8420AN Dimensions(Unit:mm)
  • Page 34 Tracer10415/10420AN Dimensions(Unit:mm) Any changes without prior notice! Version number:V1.1...
  • Page 36 BEIJING EPSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Tel: +86-10-82894112 / 82894962 Fax: +86-10-82894882 E-mail:info@epsolarpv.com Website: http://www.epsolarpv.com/ http://www.epever.com/...

Table of Contents