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Electrical Connection; Water Connection - Zanussi ZWT 71201 WA User Manual

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The floor area on which the appliance is to be
installed must be flat, stable, heat resistant and
Keep the transit bolts in a safe place. If the
appliance is to be moved in the future they must
be reattached to lock the drum to prevent an
internal damage.
Always take care when moving the appliance as
it is heavy. Always use safety gloves and
enclosed footwear.
Do not install or use a damaged appliance.
Do not install the appliance where the appliance
door cannot be fully opened.
Adjust the feet to have the necessary space
between the appliance and the flooring.
When the appliance is in its permanent position,
check if it is levelled correctly with the aid of a
spirit level. If it is not, adjust the feet accordingly.


WARNING! Risk of fire and electric
The appliance must be earthed.
Always use a correctly installed shockproof
Do not use multi-plug adapters and extension
Do not pull the mains cable to disconnect the
appliance. Always pull the mains plug.
Do not touch the mains cable or the mains plug
with wet hands.
UK and Ireland only. This appliance is fitted with
a 13 A mains plug. If it is necessary to change
the mains plug fuse, use only a 13 A ASTA (BS
1362) fuse.
This appliance complies with the E.E.C.


Do not cause damage to the water hoses.
Before connection to new pipes, pipes not used
for a long time, where repair work has been
carried out or new devices fitted (water meters,
etc.), let the water flow until it is clean and clear.
Ensure that there are no visible water leaks
during and after the first use of the appliance.
WARNING! Risk of injury, electric
shock, fire, burns or damage to the
Do not put flammable products or items that are
wet with flammable products in, near or on the
Do not touch the glass door while a programme
is in operation. The glass can get hot.
Do not dry damaged (torn, frayed) items that
contain padding or fillings.
If laundry has been washed with a stain
remover, carry out an additional rinse cycle
before starting a drying cycle.
Make sure that all metal objects are removed
from the laundry.
Only dry fabrics that are suitable to dry in the
washer dryer. Follow the cleaning instruction on
the item label.
Plastic items are not heat resistant.
– If a detergent ball is used, remove it before
starting a drying programme.
– Do not use a detergent ball if setting a non-
stop programme.
WARNING! Risk of injury or damage
to the appliance.
Do not sit or stand on the open door.
Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the
To repair the appliance contact an Authorised
Service Centre.
Use original spare parts only.
Disconnect the appliance from the mains
electrical and water supplies.
Cut off the mains electrical cable close to the
appliance and dispose of it.
Remove the door catch to prevent children or
pets from becoming trapped in the drum.
Dispose of the appliance in accordance with
local requirements for the disposal of Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

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Table of Contents

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