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Installation - Zanussi ZWT 71201 WA User Manual

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Table of Contents
The washing results are
not satisfactory.
You cannot set an option.
The machine does not dry
or does not dry properly:
The laundry is full of differ-
ent coloured fluff:
After the check, activate the appliance. The
programme continues from the point of interruption.
If the problem occurs again, contact the Authorised
Service Centre.
If the display shows other alarm codes. Deactivate
and activate the appliance. If the problem
continues, contact the Service.


WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters.
Remove all transit bolts and packing
before you use the appliance. You are
advised to keep all transit devices so t
hat they can be refitted if the appliance
ever has to be transported again.
Increase the detergent quantity or use a different detergent.
Use special products to remove the stubborn stains before you
wash the laundry.
Make sure that you set the correct temperature.
Decrease the laundry load.
Make sure that you press only the wanted button(s).
Make sure that you have set a suitable drying programme for your
Make sure that you set the correct the drying time or dryness de-
Make sure that the water tap is not turned on.
the drain filter is not clogged.
Make sure you have not overloaded the appliance.
The fabrics washed in the previous cycle released fluff of a different
Clean the clothes with a fluff remover
The drying phase helps to eliminate some fluff.
In case of an excessive amount of fluff in the drum, refer to section
Thoroughly clean the empty drum, the gasket and the door with a
wet rag.
Perform a rinse cycle.
Put a wool or piled fabric rag inside the drum.
Perform a drying cycle of 10 minutes.
Remove the old wool cloth.
Now you can wash other garments.
We recommend the use of original spare parts.
When contacting the Authorised Service Centre,
make sure that these data are available. You can
find the information on the rating plate: model, PNC
and Serial Number. (Mod., Prod. No., Ser. No.)
Possible solution
After removing all the
packaging, carefully
lay the appliance on
it's back to remove
the polystyrene base
from the bottom.

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Table of Contents

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