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Daily Use - AEG IKE64651FB User Manual

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3.3 OptiHeat Control (3 step
Residual heat indicator)
show the level of the
residual heat for the cooking
zones you are currently
using. The indicators may
also come on for the
neighbouring cooking zones
even if you are not using


Refer to Safety chapters.
4.1 Activating and
for 1 second to activate or
deactivate the hob.
The control bars come on after you
activate the hob and go off after you
deactivate the hob.
When the hob is deactivated you can
only see
4.2 Automatic Switch Off
The function deactivates the hob
automatically if:
• you do not place any cookware on the
hob for 50 seconds,
• you do not set the heat setting for 50
seconds after you place the cookware,
• you spill something or put something
on the control panel for more than 10
seconds (a pan, a cloth). When you
hear the acoustic signal, the hob
deactivates. Remove the object or
clean the control panel.
• the hob gets too hot (e.g. when a
saucepan boils dry). Let the cooking
zone cool down before you use the
hob again.
• you do not deactivate a cooking zone
or change the heat setting. After
some time, the hob deactivates.
The indicators
The induction cooking zones produce
the heat necessary for the cooking
process directly in the bottom of the
cookware. The glass ceramic is heated by
the heat of the cookware.
When the hob is deactivated, the
indicators are still visible. When the hob
is cold enough, they disappear.
The relation between the heat setting
and the time after which the hob
Heat setting
1 - 2
3 - 4
6 - 9
4.3 Using the cooking zones
Do not place hot cookware
on the control panel. There
is a risk of damage to the
electronic parts.
The hob deacti-
vates after
6 hours
5 hours
4 hours
1.5 hours