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AEG IKE64651FB User Manual page 16

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7.1 What to do if...
You cannot activate or oper-
ate the hob.
You cannot select the maxi-
mum heat setting for one of
the cooking zones.
An acoustic signal sounds
and the hob deactivates.
An acoustic signal sounds
when the hob is deactivated.
The hob deactivates.
Residual heat indicator does
not come on.
Hob²Hood does not work.
The sensor fields become
Possible cause
The hob is not connected to
an electrical supply or it is
connected incorrectly.
The fuse is blown.
You touched 2 or more sen-
sor fields at the same time.
Pause operates.
There is water or fat stains
on the control panel.
The other zones consume
the maximum available pow-
Your hob works properly.
You put something on one
or more sensor fields.
You put something on the
sensor field
The zone is not hot because
it operated only for a short
time or the sensor is dam-
You covered the control
You use a very tall pot which
blocks the signal.
The cookware is too large or
you put it too near to the
Check if the hob is correctly
connected to the electrical
supply. Refer to the connec-
tion diagram.
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunction.
If the fuse is blown again
and again, contact a quali-
fied electrician.
Touch only one sensor field.
Refer to "Daily use".
Clean the control panel.
Reduce the heat setting of
the other cooking zones
connected to the same
Refer to "Power manage-
Remove the object from the
sensor fields.
Remove the object from the
sensor field.
If the zone operated suffi-
ciently long to be hot, speak
to an Authorised Service
Remove the object from the
control panel.
Use a smaller pot, change
the cooking zone or operate
the hood manually.
Put large cookware on the
rear zones if possible.