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   Summary of Contents for Harman Kardon ENCHANT 1300

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Verify Line Voltage Before Use The Enchant soundbars have been designed for use with 100- 240 volt, 50/60 Hz AC current. Connection to a line voltage other than that for which your product is intended can create a safety and fire hazard and may damage the unit.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..........2 INTRODUCTION ..................4 WHAT’S IN THE BOX ................5 PRODUCT OVERVIEW ................7 INSTALLATION ..................14 CONNECTING TO YOUR TV ...............18 CONNECTING TO OTHER DEVICES ..........20 CONNECTING TO POWER ............... 22 CONNECTING TO WI-FI ...............26 USING YOUR SOUNDBAR ..............27 SETTINGS....................32 UPDATE SOFTWARE ................35...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION This manual includes information of the Enchant 1300, Enchant 800 and Enchant Subwoofer. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read this manual, which describes the products and includes step-by-step instructions to help you set up and get started.
  • Page 5: What's In The Box

    WHAT’S IN THE BOX Carefully unpack the box and check if the following parts are included. If any part is damaged, do not use it, contact your Harman Kardon retailer or customer service. ENCHANT 1300 / ENCHANT 800 1. Main unit 2.
  • Page 6 Inserting Batteries before using the Remote Control (AAA batteries X 2) Slide the battery cover in the direction of the arrow until it is completely removed. Insert 2 AAA batteries (1.5V) oriented so that their polarity is correct. Slide the battery cover back into position.
  • Page 7: Product Overview

    PRODUCT OVERVIEW Front Panel & Top Panel of the Soundbar 1. + / - (Volume) • Adjust the volume level. • Press both simultaneously to mute the soundbar. (Power) • Turn the power on or to standby. • Press and hold for 5 seconds to reset the soundbar Wi-Fi settings.
  • Page 8 HDMI OUT (TV ARC) TV ARC HDMI 1 input HDMI 1 HDMI 2 input* HDMI 2 HDMI 3 input* HDMI 3 Optical input Aux input Bluetooth input USB input * HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 are available on the Enchant 1300 only.
  • Page 9 Back Panel of the Soundbar ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 1300 1. AC IN • Connect to the power cord, then connect the power cord to a wall outlet. 2. AUX IN • Connect to the Analog output of an external audio device.
  • Page 10 HDMI cable. • Connect to the HDMI output on a digital device. 7. HDMI OUT (TV ARC) • Connect to the HDMI (ARC) input on your TV. * HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 are available on the Enchant 1300 only.
  • Page 11 Back Panel of the Subwoofer 1. PAIRING • Press to pair the subwoofer with the Enchant soundbar. 2. AC IN • Connect to the power cord, then connect the power cord to a wall outlet.
  • Page 12 Remote Control (Power) • Power on or switch to standby. DIM LEVEL • Set the brightness of the display panel. 3. PRESETS • Recall preset audio settings and SOUND MODE. To save a preset: • Press the SOURCE button to select a source. •...
  • Page 13 SOUND MODE 9. BASS - / + • Select preset sound modes • Decrease or increase the bass to suit your music or video: level of the soundbar (or the STANDARD / MUSIC / MOVIE / subwoofer once successfully VOICE / PERSONAL. paired).
  • Page 14 15. CALIBRATION • Press and hold for 3 seconds to initiate Automatic MultiBeam Calibration. (see calibration section) * HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 are available on the Enchant 1300 only.
  • Page 15: Installation

    INSTALLATION Place the Soundbar below your TV on the Table NOTES: • Remove any interference from both sides of the soundbar so the side-firing speakers can operate correctly and reflect sound in your room. Blocking the side horns affects acoustic performance. •...
  • Page 16 Wall-mount the Soundbar CAUTION: • Before mounting on a wall, make sure the wall can support the weight of this unit. • Install on a vertical wall only. • For the wall-mounting, avoid a location with high temperature or humidity. •...
  • Page 17 2) Use an appropriately sized drill bit, drill a hole in the wall at each marking. Using the appropriate anchors, screw the wall mount brackets into the support screw holes in the wall. CAUTION: • If the markings do not correspond to the positions of studs, make sure to insert appropriate anchors or mollies into the holes before inserting the support screws.
  • Page 18 4) Hook the soundbar to the brackets attached to the wall. CAUTION: • Do not connect the power cord of the soundbar or your TV to a wall outlet until all connections between components are complete. • Before moving or installing the unit, make sure to power off and unplug first.
  • Page 19: Connecting To Your Tv

    Connect to your TV with an HDMI Cable (Preferred) 1) Connect the supplied HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT (TV ARC) connector on the back of the soundbar to the HDMI IN (ARC) connector on your TV. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 HDMI OUT (TV ARC) HDMI (ARC)
  • Page 20 Make sure you have removed the protective cap from both ends of the optical cable. 1) Connect the OPTICAL IN connector on the soundbar to the OPTICAL OUT connector of your TV with the provided digital optical cable. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 OPTICAL IN OPTICAL OUT 2) Press the...
  • Page 21: Connecting To Other Devices

    HDMI connection. 1) Connect the HDMI cable from the HDMI IN jack on the back of the soundbar to the HDMI OUT jack on your digital device. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 HDMI 1 HDMI 2 HDMI 3...
  • Page 22 1) Connect the OPTICAL or AUX connector on the soundbar to the OPTICAL OUT or AUDIO OUT jack of the source device by using the provided optical cable or 3.5mm audio cable. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 AUX-IN OPTICAL IN AUX-OUT...
  • Page 23: Connecting To Power

    • Do not connect this unit or other components to an AC outlet until all connections between components are complete. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 1) Plug one end of the power cord into the AC IN connector on the back of the soundbar.
  • Page 24 2) Plug the other end of the power cord into a live AC (mains) wall socket. • “LOADING” scrolls on the display panel. The soundbar will take about 30 seconds to load, then enter standby mode and ready for use. 3) Slide the battery compartment cover until it is completely removed.
  • Page 25 PAIRING button on the subwoofer to enter pairing mode. • “SUB PAIRING” will be displayed. You will hear a pairing chime once connected and “SUB PAIRED” will be displayed. ENCHANT 1300 ENCHANT 800 Subwoofer LED behavior • White (Flashing slowly): Powered on •...
  • Page 26 NOTES: • If the soundbar is powered off, the subwoofer will enter standby mode. • If you use a device that uses the same frequency (2.4GHz) as the soundbar near your soundbar, interference may cause some sound interruption. • The maximum transmission distance of the wireless signal between the soundbar and the subwoofer may vary depending on your operating environment.
  • Page 27: Connecting To Wi-fi

    Always follow the instructions in the app to complete the Wi-Fi setup. 4) Sign in with your Google account. If you do not have, create a new one. HK ENCHANT 1300 HK ENCHANT 800 NOTES: •...
  • Page 28: Using Your Soundbar

    USING YOUR SOUNDBAR Play Music with Google Cast With Chromecast built into your Enchant soundbar, you can stream music, podcasts, and playlists from 300+ music apps to your soundbar by simply tapping the Cast button. 1) Open any Chromecast-compatible app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Page 29 2) Choose “HK ENCHANT 1300/800” to connect. • When the music is streamed, the track, title and artist of the song will scroll on the display panel. CONNECTED HK ENCHANT 1300 HK ENCHANT 800 NOTES: • If you have already connected the soundbar to Wi-Fi and changed the device name, then select the new device name.
  • Page 30 2) Press the button on the top panel of the soundbar or the SOURCE button on the remote control to select the USB mode. • If USB is detected, “LOADING” will be displayed and music will be played automatically. File names will appear on the display panel.
  • Page 31 Extension Codec Sample rate Bitrate MPEG1 layer1/2/3 32Khz ~48Khz 32kbps~320kbps MPEG2 layer1/2/3 16Khz ~24Khz 8kbps~160kbps MPEG2.5 layer3 8Khz ~12Khz 8kbps~160kbps MPEG2 LC 8Khz ~96Khz <576kbps MPEG4 LC 8Khz ~96Khz <576kbps HE AAC 8Khz ~96Khz <576kbps Flac Flac 8Khz ~192Khz <5Mbps Vorbis 8Khz ~48Khz <500kbps...
  • Page 32: Settings

    Settings Calibrate the Soundbar with Automatic MultiBeam™ Calibration (AMC) Automatic MultiBeam Calibration (AMC) will optimize the soundbar sound settings for a better surround sound experience. 1) Press and hold the CALIBRATION button for 3 seconds. • The calibration sequence will begin with a countdown. >3 s 2) The total calibration will last less than 60 seconds.
  • Page 33 Respond to TV Remote Control HDMI CEC If you are using an HDMI ARC connection to your television, then your TV remote control will automatically operate the soundbar for standard commands such as power on/off and volume control. The soundbar supports HDMI CEC and will interoperate with compatible TV’s (check your TV owner’s manual for HDMI CEC compatibility) Automatic TV Remote Control...
  • Page 34 4) Press and hold + and on the soundbar again, now the soundbar responds to your TV remote control. Auto Standby / Auto Wakeup This soundbar automatically switches to standby after 10 minutes of button inactivity, and no audio/video playback is detected from a connected device.
  • Page 35: Update Software

    • Percentage and “UPDATING, KEEP INTERNET CONNECTION” scrolls on the display panel. 2) Harman Kardon may offer updates for Enchant soundbar’s system firmware in the future. If an update is offered, you can download and store the update file in a USB flash drive and plug into the USB socket of the soundbar.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Enchant 800 Enchant 1300 Audio/Video Audio Channels Maximum Power 180W 240W RMS Power 120W Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Woofer Size 6 x 2” (50mm) 10 x 2” (50mm) Tweeter Size 2 x 1” (25mm) 1 x 0.75” (20mm) 2 x 1” (25mm)
  • Page 37 Enchant 800 Enchant 1300 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi network compatibility IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4G/5G) (2.4G/5G) 2.4G Wi-Fi Frequency 2412 – 2472MHz (2.4GHz 2412 – 2472MHz (2.4GHz Range ISM Band, USA 11 Channels, ISM Band, USA 11 Channels, Europe and others 13...
  • Page 38 Enchant 800 Enchant 1300 USB File system FAT16, FAT32 FAT16, FAT32 USB File Formats .mp3, .wav, .aac, .flac, .ogg .mp3, .wav, .aac, .flac, .ogg USB port General Power Supply 100-240V~50/60Hz 100-240V~50/60Hz Power Consumption 33 W 48 W Standby Power <2W <2W...
  • Page 39 Enchant Subwoofer Audio/Video Maximum Power 400W RMS Power 200W Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Woofer Size 6 x 2” (50mm) Max SPL 83db SPL Frequency Response 35Hz-160kHz Wireless 2.4G short-range wireless frequency range 2402 – 2478MHz 2.4G short-range wireless maximum 0dBm (EIRP) transmitter power 2.4G short-range wireless modulation π/4 DQPSK...
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Never try to repair the product yourself. If you have any problems using this product, check the following points before you request service. Sound No sound from the soundbar. • Make sure that the soundbar is not muted. • Make sure to select the correct audio input source. Strange sound.
  • Page 41 Bluetooth A device cannot connect with the soundbar. • Check if you enable the Bluetooth function of the device. • The soundbar is already connected to another Bluetooth device. Press and hold BT on remote control to disconnect and pair with a new device. Poor audio quality from a connected Bluetooth device.
  • Page 42: Open Source License Notice

    OPEN SOURCE LICENSE NOTICE This product contains open source software. For your convenience, the source code and relevant build instruction for software licensed under the GPL is available at opensource. You may also obtain this information by contacting us at
  • Page 43: License

    LICENSE The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.

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