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Important (Serial number)
The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and convenience, be sure to
record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
Important (Numéro de série)
Le numéro de série se trouve au bas de cet appareil. Pour votre sécurité et votre commodité, veillez à noter ce
numéro sur la carte de garantie fournie.
Importante (Número de serie)
El número de serie se encuentra en la parte inferior de esta unidad. Por su propia seguridad y comodidad,
asegúrese de anotar este número en la tarjeta de garantía que se adjunta.
Operation Manual
Mode d'emploi
Manual de operación


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 CD RDS RECEIVER AUTORADIO CD RDS REPRODUCTOR DE CD CON RECEPTOR RDS DEH-S6120BS Operation Manual Mode d’emploi DEH-S6100BS Manual de operación Important (Serial number) The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CD/USB/iPhone®/AUX................8 Bluetooth ....................11 Pandora® ....................15 Spotify® ....................16 SiriusXM Satellite Radio ..............18 Using Pioneer Smart Sync/APP............22 Audio Adjustments ................25 Settings ....................26 FUNCTION settings ................26 AUDIO settings ..................29 SYSTEM settings ..................31 ILLUMINATION settings................
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Getting Started Basic operation DEH-S6100BS/S6120BS M.C. (multi-control) dial USB port SRC (source)/OFF (eject) Disc loading slot DISP (display) BAND/ Display window BASS (navigation)/LIST Detach button AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) Optional remote control The remote control CD-R510 is sold separately. Frequently used operations Purpose Operation...
  • Page 4 Appears when a Bluetooth connection is made (page 11). Appears when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made (page 22). Detaching the front panel Detach the front panel to prevent theft. Remove any cables and devices attached to the front panel and turn off the unit before detaching it.
  • Page 5 Resetting the microprocessor The microprocessor must be reset in the following situations: – Before using this unit for the first time after installation – If the unit fails to operate properly – When strange or incorrect messages appear on the display Remove the front panel (page 4).
  • Page 6 [USB CONN. SET] appears when all the settings have been made. Press the M.C. dial to clear the message. • A message that prompts you to install the Pioneer Smart Sync application will appear on your iPhone/Android device by connecting your device to the unit via USB.
  • Page 7: Radio

    Press the M.C. dial to display the main menu. Turn the M.C. dial to select [INITIAL], then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select an option, then press to confirm. Menu Item Description REAR-SP Select when there is a full-range speaker connected to the rear speaker output leads.
  • Page 8: Cd/usb/iphone®/aux

    After selecting the band, press the M.C. dial to display the main menu. Turn the M.C. dial to select [FUNCTION], then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select [BSM], then press to confirm. To seek a station manually After selecting the band, press to select a station.
  • Page 9 CAUTION Use a USB cable (sold separately) to connect the USB device as any device connected directly to the unit will protrude out from the unit, which could be dangerous. Before removing the device, stop playback. AOA connections A device running Android OS 4.1 or later installed and also supports AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 can be connected to the unit via AOA, using the cable supplied with the device.
  • Page 10 For details on MIXTRAX settings, see page 34. NOTES • iPhone needs to be connected with Pioneer Smart Sync via USB for using this function (page 22). • Depending on the file/song, sound effects may not be available.
  • Page 11: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Bluetooth connection Important If ten or more Bluetooth devices (e.g. a phone and separate audio player) are connected, they may not work properly. The next connection to the unit is performed automatically if the Bluetooth device has been connected previously in the following steps.
  • Page 12 To make a phone call Press to display the phone menu. When two phones are connected, a phone name appears first then a phone menu will display. To switch to another phone, press again. Turn the M.C. dial to select [RECENTS] or [PHONE BOOK], then press to confirm. If you select [PHONE BOOK], proceed to step 4.
  • Page 13 For details on the voice recognition features, refer to the manual supplied with your device. When a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made (page 22), you can also use the voice recognition function from Pioneer Smart Sync installed on your iPhone/Android device by pressing and holding .
  • Page 14 Menu Item Description ADD DEVICE Register a new device. DEV. INFO Switch the device information on the display between the device name and Bluetooth device address. * If two phones are connected, this function does not work on incoming calls that are received while one of the phones is being used for a call.
  • Page 15: Pandora

    Pandora® (Not available when [USB MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 32).) Pandora music is a music service not affiliated with Pioneer. More information is available at The Pandora mobile application is available for iPhone and Android phones. Please visit for the latest compatibility information.
  • Page 16: Spotify

    Spotify® (Not available when [USB MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 32).) Spotify is a music streaming distribution service not affiliated with Pioneer. More information is available at The Spotify application is available for compatible smartphones, please visit https:// for the latest compatibility information.
  • Page 17 To enjoy Spotify as you drive, first download the Spotify app to your iPhone or Android device. You can download it on the iTunes® App Store® or Google Play™. Choose a free account or a paid Premium account, either in the app or at A Premium account gives you more features, like offline listening.
  • Page 18: Siriusxm Satellite Radio

    Purpose Operation 1 Press and hold Search for a track from a list to display the list. 2 Turn the M.C. dial to select the desired category, then press to confirm. 3 Turn the M.C. dial to select the desired file, then press to confirm.
  • Page 19 TuneScan™ Scan through short previews of songs you may have missed on music channels stored on the current band of presets. Each song in the current channel plays for six seconds at a time. For details, refer to TUNE SCAN (scanning the songs) on page 28. NOTE TuneScan is compatible with SXV200 or later tuner models.
  • Page 20 Listening to a channel Press SRC/OFF to select [SIRIUSXM]. Press BAND/ to select a band from [SXM1], [SXM2] or [SXM3]. Press to select a channel.* Pressing and holding either button will rapidly browse through the channels. * If you select a channel, you need to switch to [CHANNEL] by pressing and holding DISP. Basic operations Press and hold DISP to select the operation mode [CHANNEL] or [REPLAY].
  • Page 21 Scan options Purpose Operation Stopping a scan (selecting the channel or Press the M.C. dial. song playing) Switching to the next/previous song during Press TuneScan Switching to the next/previous channel Press during the category scan Aborting a scan (The last channel or song Press BAND/ will continue to play when scan ends.) Channel Preset...
  • Page 22: Using Pioneer Smart Sync/app

    For details on what operations are available on the application, see the application’s help section. NOTE The APP source is not available when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is not made or [USB MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 32). WARNING Do not attempt to operate the application while driving.
  • Page 23 – Controlling your connected Bluetooth device Extending the functions of the unit by using the application The following functions, which are unavailable on the unit alone, are available by making a Pioneer Smart Sync connection. Menu Item (example) Description Using a navigation application You can specify and start the navigation application installed on your device.
  • Page 24 • The 31 Band EQ setting is converted into 13 bands when a music source from this product is engaged. It is recommended to enter the search term "Pioneer Smart Sync" in the search field to search for the application.
  • Page 25: Audio Adjustments

    Listening to music on your device Press SRC/OFF to select [APP]. Audio Adjustments You can also make various adjustments in the AUDIO settings (page 29). Operation modes This unit features two operation modes: network mode and standard mode. You can switch between modes as desired (page 6).
  • Page 26: Settings

    Turn the M.C. dial to select the speaker unit (filter) to be adjusted, then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select [HPF] or [LPF] according to the speaker unit (filter), then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select an appropriate cut-off frequency for the speaker unit (filter) selected in step 4, then press to confirm.
  • Page 27 Menu Item Description Store the six strongest stations on the number buttons (1/ to 6/ ) automatically. LOCAL FM: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2], [LV3], [LV4] Restrict the tuning station according to the AM: [OFF], [LV1], [LV2] signal strength. SEEK [MAN], [PCH] Assign buttons to seek the stations one by one (manual tuning) or select a station...
  • Page 28 Menu Item Description OPERATE MODE [CHANNEL], [REPLAY] Press buttons to select a channel or skip backward/skip forward. TUNEMIX [ON], [OFF] Create a music channel that’s a blend of songs made up from the music channels stored on the current band of presets. TUNE SCAN Scan through songs from your music channel presets.
  • Page 29: Audio Settings

    AUDIO settings NOTE [CHK APP SETTG.] may be displayed when the setting is performed from Pioneer Smart Sync. Menu Item Description EQ SETTING [SUPER BASS], [POWERFUL], Select or customize the equalizer curve. [DYNAMIC], [NATURAL], [VOCAL], • When you select a setting other than...
  • Page 30 [CROSSOVER], [SPEAKER LEVEL], [EQ SETTING], [POSITION], [TIME ALGNMNT], [D.BASS], [SUBWOOFER]. • The settings that can be saved differ when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made. LOAD SETTINGS Load the sound settings, when you have already performed [SAVE SETTINGS].
  • Page 31: System Settings

    CLOCK SET [12H], [24H] Set the clock (page 5). • This setting is not available when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made. BEEP TONE (Only for standard mode) [ON], [OFF] A beep can be heard when any button is pushed.
  • Page 32 [ON]. • APP, PANDORA, SPOTIFY, iPhone, and USB (AOA) AUTO APP CONN [ON], [OFF] Select [ON] to automatically launch Pioneer Smart Sync when the iPhone/Android device is connected to the unit. USB AUTO [ON], [OFF] Select [ON] to automatically switch to USB source when a USB device/iPhone is connected to the unit.
  • Page 33: Illumination Settings

    The available sources differ depending on the setting value. Please set [APP CONTROL] according to the table for the source you want to use. For details on Pioneer Smart Sync connection, see page 22. When Pioneer Smart Sync connection is NOT performed...
  • Page 34: Mixtrax Settings

    [PHONE COLOR] – you are on a phone call – the message received on the device is being read when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made – a CD is inserted/ejected – the front panel is attached.
  • Page 35 Menu Item Description FLASH AREA [KEY/DISPLAY], [KEY], [OFF] Select the area for the illumination effect. When [OFF] is selected, the color set under the ILLUMINATION settings (page 33) is used as the display color. FLASH PATTERN [SOUND LEVEL 1] to [SOUND LEVEL Change the illumination effect according to the sound and bass level.
  • Page 36: Additional Information

    ON again. If the message remains, – Select the repeat play range again. contact your dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station for assistance. A subfolder is not played back. → Subfolders cannot be played when NO XXXX (NO TITLE, for example) [FLD] (folder repeat) is selected.
  • Page 37 – Replace the USB device. FORMAT READ → Sometimes there is a delay between the N/A USB start of playback and when you start to → The connected USB device is not hear any sound. supported by this unit. – Wait until the message disappears and –...
  • Page 38 → iPhone failure. NOT FOUND – Disconnect the cable from the iPhone. → The Pandora application has not started Once the iPhone’s main menu is running yet. displayed, reconnect the iPhone and – Start up the Pandora application. reset it. RATING ERROR STOP →...
  • Page 39 → No Bluetooth device found. – Connect the unit and the device via Bluetooth (page 11). CONNECT APP CONN. FAILED PRESS BAND KEY TO → Pioneer Smart Sync connection is not RETRY made. → Bluetooth connection failed. – Make a connection with Pioneer Smart –...
  • Page 40 – Press BAND/ to make a – Move the SiriusXM antenna away from connection again. any obstructions. CHECK APP PRESS BAND KEY TO RETRY SUBSCRIPTION UPDATED → Connection to the Spotify application → This unit has detected a change in your failed.
  • Page 41 CAUTION the equipment. • Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility USB storage device with all USB mass storage devices, and assumes no responsibility for any loss of • Connections via USB hubs are not data on media players, smartphones, or supported.
  • Page 42 Stereo Bit Rate 16 kbps to 320 kbps, WMA files File extension .wma Apple Lossless Not compatible AAC file bought from Not compatible Bit rate 48 kbps to 320 kbps (CBR), 48 kbps to 384 the iTunes Store (.m4p kbps (VBR) file extension) Sampling frequency 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48...
  • Page 43 – iPhone 5 registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, • Operations may vary depending on the Inc. and any use of such marks by PIONEER generation and/or software version of CORPORATION is under license. Other the iPhone.
  • Page 45 Compatible mobile digital devices and Nose: 170 mm × 46 mm × 16 mm (6- premium subscription required, where 3/4 in. × 1-3/4 in. × 5/8 in.) available, see Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) T-Kernel 2.0 Audio This product uses the source code of T- Maximum power output: Kernel 2.0 under T-License 2.0 granted by •...
  • Page 46 High pass filter (MID) (Network mode): AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 Frequency: 25 Hz/31.5 Hz/40 Hz/50 File system: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 Hz/63 Hz/80 Hz/100 Hz/125 Hz/160 MP3 decoding format: MPEG-1 & 2 Audio Hz/200 Hz/250 Hz Layer 3 Slope: –6 dB/oct, –12 dB/oct, –18 dB/ WMA decoding format: Ver.
  • Page 47 SPP (Serial Port Profile) 1.1 CEA2006 Specifications Power output: 14 W RMS × 4 Channels (4 Ω < = 1 % THD+N) S/N ratio: 91 dBA (reference: 1 W into 4 Ω) NOTE Specifications and the design are subject to modifications without notice. - 47 -...
  • Page 48 © 2018 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. © 2018 PIONEER CORPORATION. Tous droits de reproduction et de traduction réservés. <QRI3107-A> UC...
  • Page 49 Before You Start CD RDS RECEIVER Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product AUTORADIO CD RDS To ensure proper use, please read through this guide before using this product. It is especially important that you read and observe WARNINGS and CAUTIONS in this guide. Please keep the guide in a safe and REPRODUCTOR DE CD CON RECEPTOR RDS accessible place for future reference.
  • Page 50 After-sales service for Pioneer products Phone: 1-310-952-2915 Please contact the dealer, distributor from where you purchased this unit or the authorized PIONEER Service URL: Station for after-sales service or any other information. In case the necessary information is not available,...
  • Page 51 − Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery Perform these connections when using a subwoofer This unit Orange/white before installation. without the optional amplifier. Connect to a car’s illumination signal. − Secure the wiring with cable clamps or adhesive tape. Wrap adhesive tape around wiring that Power amp (sold comes into contact with metal parts to protect the wiring.
  • Page 52 • Install this unit away from hot places such as near Tighten the screws on each side. To install on the steering Installing the microphone the heater outlet. • Optimum performance is column The microphone should be placed directly in front obtained when the unit is of the driver at a suitable distance to pick up their installed at an angle of less...
  • Page 53 Frequently used operations Basic operation Purpose Operation DEH-S6120BS/S6100BS Turn on the power Press SRC/OFF to turn on the M.C. (multi-control) dial USB port power. Disc loading slot SRC (source)/OFF (eject) DISP (display) Press and hold SRC/OFF to turn off the power.
  • Page 54 Press the M.C. dial to clear the message. While receiving the station you want to store, press and hold one of • A message that prompts you to install the Pioneer Smart Sync the number buttons (1/ to 6/ ) until it stops flashing.
  • Page 55 CD/USB/iPhone®/AUX operation Bluetooth connection (iPhone source is not available when [USB MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings.) Up to two Bluetooth telephones can be connected simultaneously. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the device. Select the unit name shown in the device display. Insert a disc into the disc loading slot with the label side up.
  • Page 56 Regardless of whether the [AUTO APP CONN] setting is set to [ON] or [OFF], you can also perform the following to start Pioneer Smart Sync. − For devices other than the USB-connected Android device, press SRC/OFF to select any source and press and hold the M.C. dial. − For iPhone, launch Pioneer Smart Sync on the mobile device.

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