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Gps Receiver Orientation; Deactivation; Self Test; Battery Witness Seal Life - ACR Electronics MicroFix 2898 Product Support Manual

Acr electronics marine gps personal locator beacon support manual.
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GPS Receiver Orientation

When activated it is critical that you do not cover the
beacon with any body part, water, clothing, etc. The GPS
receiver is located under the bottom portion of the case
behind the ResQFix™ or MicrOFix™ logo (see figure 4).
To ensure optimum performance of the GPS receiver, the
beacon needs to have an unobstructed view of the sky.
Avoid submerging the GPS receiver in water if possible.
Water will shield and inhibit the GPS receiver and may
cause difficulties obtaining your GPS coordinates. Avoid
leaning over the beacon to view blinking LED as you may
shield the GPS reception.


To deactivate your beacon, depress the ON/OFF
blinking LED's will stop signifying that the beacon is no longer sending your distress message.

Self Test

ACR strongly recommends performing the self test once per month, or at least two weeks prior to a trip
allowing enough time for service should your beacon require it.
A self test is initiated by holding the self test button
beacon will sound an initial beep and flash the green LED to signify the test has begun. The green LED will
flash a second time to indicate that the self test was successful.
NOTE: The beep is a very high pitch that many people are unable to hear.
Components Tested: Data Integrity and Memory; 406 MHz Synthesizer; RF Power/Battery; GPS header
If a RED LED flashes at the completion of the self test, your beacon has failed. Repeat the self test. If the
failure persists, contact ACR Electronics or an authorized Battery Replacement Center for servicing of your
NOTE: During a self test your beacon will send a 406 MHz signal coded as self-test to the satellite system.
The 121.5 MHz homing signal is inhibited during self test; this allows you to test your beacon any time during
the day without causing false alerts.
Self Test Sequences
Green LED, 4 BEEPS,
Green LED, Less than 4 BEEPS,
Red LED, Less than 4 BEEPS,

Battery Witness Seal Life

If your beacon flashes an initial Red LED at the beginning of the Self Test, this indicates that your electronic
witness has been broken and you have used more than 1 hour of battery life. While the beacon will still
operate normally in a distress situation, ACR strongly recommends you have your battery replaced and the
electronic witness reset to ensure that you will have 24 hours of battery power.

GPS Testing

This test is NOT required as 100% of all GPS receivers that leave ACR have been tested to ensure they
perform correctly. However, if you would like to ensure your GPS receiver is working, please follow these
instructions very closely.
CAUTION: To conserve battery power the following test should not be performed more than once during the
five-year life of the battery pack!
Y1-03-0228 Rev. B
button for 1 second. Once the beacon is deactivated, all
Green LED
Green LED
Figure 4 – GPS Receiver Location
for at least ½ second and less than 5 seconds. Your
Self Test Guide
Green LED
Successful Self Test
Failed Self Test – Return beacon to ACR
Successful Self Test – At least 1 hour of battery
power has been depleted, have battery replaced.
Failed self test – Return unit to ACR for service.
Red LED)


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