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ACR Electronics PLB-300 Product Support Manual

Gps personal locator beacon.
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GPS Personal Locator Beacon
Model No.: PLB-300
Product No.: 2897, 2898
Y1-03-0228 Rev. C
Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PRODUCT SUPPORT MANUAL GPS Personal Locator Beacon Model No.: PLB-300 Product No.: 2897, 2898 Y1-03-0228 Rev. C Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • Page 2 This product is warranted against factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 (one) year* from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or, at its option, replace the unit at no cost to you for labor, materials and return transportation from ACR.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    We believe in going beyond those specifications to insure our products work when needed in real world conditions. With proper care and maintenance your ACR product will last for years. It is important that you thoroughly read this product support manual to understand the proper care and use of your ACR product.
  • Page 4: Section 1 - Product Features

    Technicians and Engineers to troubleshoot the unit. The PLB-300™ (referred to as “beacon”) is available in various configurations, as shown in the table below. The ResQFix™ includes accessories oriented for marine/boating use and the MicrOFix™ includes accessories more commonly used in outdoor and aviation activities.
  • Page 5: Where To Register

    In the United States: B. If the internet is not accessible to you, complete the enclosed registration form. Do not confuse this with the ACR Electronics warranty card. Mail with the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope to: NOAA SARSAT Beacon Registration NSOF, E/SP3...
  • Page 6: Registration In Other Countries

    Registration in Other Countries In countries other than the United States and Canada, 406 MHz beacons are registered with that country’s national authority at the time of purchase. The sales agent should assist in filling out the forms and sending to that country’s national authority.
  • Page 7: Reporting Of False Alerts

    Reporting of False Alerts A false alert must be reported to the nearest search and rescue authorities. The information reported must include the beacon Unique Identifier Number (UIN), date, time, duration and cause of activation, as well as location of beacon at the time of activation. If the beacon is registered outside of the United States, contact your national authority.
  • Page 8: Activation (406 Mhz And 121.5 Mhz)

    Activation (406 MHz and 121.5 MHz) To activate your beacon in a distress situation, follow these steps: 1) Unfasten the antenna from the case. 2) Move it into the upright position (see figure 3 below). 3) Depress the ON/OFF button for 1 full second. You will hear a BEEP and your beacon is now activated.
  • Page 9: Gps Receiver Orientation

    24 hours of battery power. GPS Testing This test is NOT required as 100% of all GPS receivers that leave ACR have been tested to ensure they perform correctly. However, if you would like to ensure your GPS receiver is working, please follow these instructions very closely.
  • Page 10: Section 5 - Accessories

    You can secure your beacon directly to backpack webbing straps, life jackets or belts to ensure the beacon is close at hand. ACR recommends that you secure your beacon someplace on your person that is easily accessible in case of an emergency for rapid activation.
  • Page 11: Attachment Clip

    Any cracking observed should be immediately referred to ACR for evaluation by calling 1-800-432-0227 in the US, or +1-954-981-3333 elsewhere. ACR technical support can also be reached by sending an email to
  • Page 12: Battery Replacement

    The beacon may or may not require special shipping instructions due to the lithium batteries and changes in shipping regulations. Call ACR’s customer service department at +1 (954) 981-3333 ext. 2110 for proper shipping instructions. SECTION 7 – THE SEARCH AND RESCUE SYSTEM...
  • Page 13: Global Positioning System (gps)

    The addition of the GEOSAR satellite system greatly improves the reaction time for a SAR event. This satellite system has no Doppler capabilities at 406 MHz, but will relay the distress alert to any of the LUT stations. When there is GPS data included in the distress message, SAR authorities instantly know your location to within 110 yards (100 m).
  • Page 14: Specifications

    400 bps Encoding Biphase L Modulation ±1.1 radians peak Beacons are shipped from ACR with a Serialized code but can be reprogrammed at a service center to other coded formats including nationality of registration. 121.5 MHz Transmitter Frequency: 121.5 MHz Frequency Tolerance ±50 ppm...
  • Page 15 3 - Rev vision 7 SPAS - SA RSAT C/S T.007 – Iss sue 4 - Rev vision 0 nufacturer: R Electronics I Inc. European ACR Electro onics Inc. 5757 7 Ravenswoo d Road Represent tative: (European O Office) Fort Lauderdale, F...

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