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Global Positioning System (gps); Section 8 - Technical Information; Characteristics; Applicable Documents - ACR Electronics MicroFix 2898 Product Support Manual

Acr electronics marine gps personal locator beacon support manual.
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The addition of the GEOSAR satellite system greatly improves the reaction time for a SAR event. This satellite
system has no Doppler capabilities at 406 MHz, but will relay the distress alert to any of the LUT stations.
When there is GPS data included in the distress message, SAR authorities instantly know your location to
within 110 yards (100 m). This speeds up the reaction time by not having to wait for one of the LEOSAR
satellite to pass overhead. Because most of the search and rescue forces presently are not equipped to home
in on the 406 MHz Satellite beacon signal, homing must be accomplished at 121.5 MHz.
Figure 7- Satellite Coverage

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS system is a satellite group that enables a GPS
receiver to determine its exact position to within 30 m (100
ft.) anywhere on earth. With a minimum of 24 GPS satellites
orbiting the earth at an altitude of approximately 11,000 miles
they provide users with accurate information on position,
velocity, and time anywhere in the world and in all weather
conditions. The ResQFix™ and MicrOFix™ store this data
into its distress transmission allowing search and rescue
forces to narrow the search into a very small area and thus
minimize the resources required, dramatically increasing the
effectiveness of the overall operation.


The ResQFix™ and MicrOFix™ are battery operated Personal Locator Beacons. The beacon case, with its
antenna, is waterproof, while semiconductor circuits are mounted within the case assembly which also
contains the battery power supply. Keypads with "self test" and "ON" buttons are installed on the case, along
with an internal beeper and three LEDs. The beacon contains a GPS receiver that will acquire your LAT/LON
located under the bottom of the front case.
The ResQFix™ and MicrOFix™ meet the requirements of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part
95 Subpart K; and European R&TTE Directive.

Applicable Documents

ETSI 302 152-1
RTCM Paper 76-2002/SC110-STD
Industry Canada RSS-287
Canadian NSS-PLB 06
Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 4280.2
NOTE: For all other type approval information, please visit our website at
Y1-03-0228 Rev. B
Figure 8- GEOSAR Satellite Orbits
Figure 9 – GPS Satellite Orbits
Specification for 406 MHz Distress Beacons
406 MHz Distress Beacon Type Approval Standard
Technical Characteristics of 406 MHz Satellite PLBs
RTCM Recommended Standards for 406 MHz Satellite PLBs
Radio Standards Specification for EPIRBs, ELTs and PLBs
NSS Performance Standard fro 406 MHz PLB
406 MHz Satellite Distress Beacons; Part 2: PLBs


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