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Section 5 - Accessories; Multi-function Belt Clip - ACR Electronics MicroFix 2898 Product Support Manual

Acr electronics marine gps personal locator beacon support manual.
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NOTE: The GPS receiver is located under the front portion of the case (see figure 4). It is imperative that the
receiver is not obstructed during self test or activation to ensure that the GPS receiver is acquiring your
latitude (LAT) and longitude (LON) position. This test must be performed outside with a clear view of the sky.
Press the self-test button for greater than 5 seconds. Observe the beacon for the entire GPS test. A BEEP and
green LED will indicate that the GPS has been turned ON. The beacon will BEEP every 5 seconds and the
GPS will remain ON until LAT/LON coordinates have been obtained or until 10 minutes have elapsed. If good
LAT/LON data has been obtained, the GPS will be turned OFF and the green LED will light for at least 3
seconds along with a long beep. This LAT/LON data is not saved for use. The green LED is proof that the
GPS is functioning properly and that the beacon is in a location or environment where it can receive the
necessary signals from satellites. If the GPS does not acquire good LAT/LON data, the GPS will turn OFF
after 10 minutes and a RED LED will light for 3 seconds along with a long beep.
GPS Test Sequences (max. 10 minutes)
Green LED and BEEP at start followed by continuous
BEEPS every 5 seconds,
Green LED and BEEP at start followed by continuous
BEEPS every 5 seconds,

Multi-Function Belt Clip

The MicrOFix™ comes standard with a multi-function belt clip. To
install the clip, simply align the bottom tabs on the clip with the insert
holes located on the bottom of the beacon. Snap the clip in place by
pressing the top of the clip so that the two top tabs engage in the two
insert holes on the top of the beacon (see figure 5). To remove the
clip, push up and back on the top tabs one at a time to disengage the
clip from the beacon.
The MicrOFix™ clip has been designed to accommodate your
extreme adventures. You can secure your beacon directly to backpack
webbing straps, life jackets or belts to ensure the beacon is close at
hand. ACR recommends that you secure your beacon someplace on
your person that is easily accessible in case of an emergency for rapid
activation. Ensure the beacon is secured firmly and is protected before
heading out to avoid damage or loss.
NOTE: ACR recommends that once you have clipped your beacon
in place that you also anchor the beacon with the lanyard to your life
jacket, backpack, etc. to ensure the unit will not be lost if it should
break out of the clip.
Y1-03-0228 Rev. B
Green LED & Long BEEP
Red LED & Long BEEP
GPS Test Guide
Successfully acquired GPS data
GPS data was not successfully acquired
Figure 5 - Belt Clip


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