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Attachment Clip; Flotation Pouch; Section 6 - Care And Maintenance; Routine Maintenance - ACR Electronics MicroFix 2898 Product Support Manual

Acr electronics marine gps personal locator beacon support manual.
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Attachment Clip

The ResQFix™ comes standard with an attachment clip. To
install the clip, simply align the bottom tabs on the clip with the
insert holes located on the bottom of the beacon. Snap the clip in
place by pressing the top of the clip so that the two top tabs
engage in the two insert holes on the top of the beacon (See
figure 6). To remove the clip, push up and back on the top tabs
one at a time to disengage from the beacon.
The ResQFix™ clip has been designed to secure your beacon
directly to life jacket webbing straps or belts to ensure the beacon
is close at hand. ACR recommends that you have a strap on your
life jacket in the shoulder area for attachment of the ResQFix™.
The beacon should hang with the GPS receiver up in order to
give it the best possible view of the sky. It is also recommended
that you try your life jacket on in the water to see how you float in
it and where to best locate the beacon so that the beacon is not
in the water. You may choose to carry your beacon in a pocket
but you should have a strap installed on your life jacket to attach
the beacon when it is activated. This will leave your hands free
while treading water.
NOTE: ACR recommends that once you have clipped your
beacon in place that you also secure the beacon with the
lanyard to your life jacket, backpack, etc. to ensure the unit will
not be lost if it should break out of the clip.

Flotation Pouch

The ResQFix™ is a Category I beacon thanks to the neoprene flotation
pouch attached to the lanyard. The pouch has been designed to work with
and without the attachment holster. Simply open the bottom of the pouch
using the Velcro and slide the top of the ResQFix™ into the pouch with the
GPS receiver exposed through the special cut out hole on the front
underneath the ACR logo.
The neoprene flotation pouch will accommodate the ResQFix™ and the
attachment clip. The neoprene pouch is designed to float the beacon if it is
dropped in the water.
CAUTION: If you secure additional objects to the neoprene pouch it may sink.
WARNING: The ResQFix™ must be removed from its pouch when used in an emergency.

Routine Maintenance

Carefully inspect the beacon case for any visible cracks. Cracks may admit moisture, which could falsely
activate the beacon or otherwise cause a malfunction. Any cracking observed should be immediately referred
to ACR for evaluation by calling 1-800-432-0227 in the US, or +1-954-981-3333 elsewhere. ACR technical
support can also be reached by sending an email to
After checking the beacon case for cracks, it may be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use any
type of cleaner on your beacon.
Y1-03-0228 Rev. B
Figure 6- Attachment Clip
Figure 7 - Flotation Pouch


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